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Ascension Coffee opens annex in serene downtown Dallas oasis

Ascension Coffee opens annex in serene downtown Dallas oasis

Ascension Coffee
Ascension Coffee is on the rise. Ascension

The coffeehouse spinoff Ascension Annex will open in downtown Dallas with coffee and an abbreviated menu of sandwiches, salads, and items that are easy to grab and go.

The shop is opening in the Fountain Place building at 1540 Munger Ave. on May 7.

Annex Coffee is the offspring of Ascension Coffee and features a smaller space with coffee, a stronger focus on to-go options, plus wine and beer.

While smaller in size, Ascension Annex enjoys the stunning setting of the iconic Fountain Place skyscraper, with an interior embellished by elegant accents of emerald green. The patio faces the building's 172 water fountains and streams, one of the most serene spots in downtown Dallas.

The menu features a select group of items, some with a specific meal focus such as the Paleo breakfast bowl with coconut milk yogurt, nuts, and fruit, but which can nonetheless be eaten any time of the day.

There's spinach quiche and ratatouille quiche; sausage rolls; Caesar salad and kale salad; and a hummus snack pack with crackers and carrots.

Sandwiches include a Wagyu pastrami panini, tomato & mozzarella panini, soppressata & fig, and a Cuban.

Annex fills a certain niche, says spokesperson Sierra Tuthill.

"People want Ascension to be in more places, but there isn't always room for a full kitchen and all the extensive coffee-making equipment we have at our original location in the Design District," she says. "Annex is our smaller brand. It has similarities in the menu but it's more grab-and-go."

They also do 50 percent off on bottles of wine every night.

The Design District Ascension opened five years ago, and has been followed by locations at Crescent Court and downtown Dallas at Thanksgiving Square. They also opened 84 Point, a precursor to the Annex concept, which is in Addison.

And there are still more in the works, with a flagship that will open at 14555 Dallas Pkwy., and a location at The Star in Frisco, all set to open by summer 2018.

One hugely enticing amenity that Ascension offers is free use of its space for events, as long as you purchase food and drink. Many a wedding has taken place on the grounds of Fountain Place, and Tuthill says that their new location off the Tollway is a three-story glass-walled wonder.

It's an impressive expansion in a world where only Starbucks seems able to abide.

"Each location has a different layout style and design," Tuthill says. "No matter how fast we grow, owner Russell Hayward makes it clear we have to stick to our standards, and that includes having a love for the bean and being a hangout for each community we're in."