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Dallas taco chain rallies Texas to make alcohol to-go a permanent thing

Dallas taco chain rallies Texas to make alcohol to-go permanent thing

margaritas to go
We need margaritas to-go forever. Photo courtesy of Rusty Taco

One of the unexpected positives to come of the coronavirus pandemic for the food & beverage industry has been the advent of cocktails to-go whereby restaurants can package up the ingredients of their drinks and sell them to the public.

In March, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a waiver allowing restaurants to sell beer, wine, and mixed drinks for both to-go and delivery — provided the drinks are served with food and the alcoholic beverages remained in their original packaging.

In late April, Abbott lifted many a spirit when he tweeted his support for continuing to allow restaurants to sell alcohol to-go "forever," beyond the lifespan of COVID-19.

Rusty Taco, the Dallas-based taqueria chain, is doing its part to help nudge that into reality, with a campaign urging the state to make this happen.

Called To-Go Margs Forever, it involves a petition, online action, and lobbying legislators to help persuade them that making alcohol to-go permanently available from restaurants and bars is a change both restaurants and patrons support.

"We applauded the states of Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio among others whose emergency waivers have allowed us to serve to-go margs," says a release from Rusty Taco. "Since then, we've safely served thousands of margaritas across our restaurants. As we have all learned during this quarantine, our fresh, homemade margaritas taste even better when prepared to-go for you to enjoy at home."

They've been selling beer and their margaritas in gallons, half gallons, and by the glass.

This change would override the current law that says you can't sell distilled spirits to go. Which is different from those daiquiri to-go places whose drinks are derived from wine or beer products, and are up to a maximum of 17 percent alcohol by weight. With that low an alcohol percentage, they can sell it to-go, either in manufacturer-sealed containers or in to-go cups that the business seals themselves.

Rusty Taco's plan entails:

  • petition
  • social media campaign using the hashtag #ToGoMargsForever
  • contacting local city and state officials.

They've created a website for the campaign at togomargsforever.