My Little Dumpling

New dumpling restaurant in Good 2 Go Taco spot says hello East Dallas

New dumpling restaurant in Good 2 Go Taco spot says hello East Dallas

Hello Dumpling, welcome to East Dallas. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

With the mourning period for Good 2 Go Taco coming to a close, it's time to move on. Happily, there's something new going into its former East Dallas location: Hello Dumpling,  an Asian restaurant specializing in dumplings, with an adjoining tea salon.

Owner June Chow is a second-generation Chinese-American who grew up in the Northeast in a family that owned restaurants.

"My mother is from northern China, and growing up, we ate dumplings," she says. "We've lived in East Dallas, and for some time, I've felt like there's a need for an interesting Asian restaurant in the neighborhood. I feel like the moment is now."

She not only wants to serve dumplings, but elevate their status as something to be taken more seriously than a mere appetizer.

"The basic concept is to serve home-made style dumplings," she says. "I'm going to have 8-10 varieties, the kind you would find in every great dumpling place in northern China. My idea is to show that dumplings are not just an appetizer, but in many cultures is part of your main meal."

Along with the dumplings, Chow says she'll do hand-cut noodles, a few Asian street foods, some tapas, salads, and sides. There'll also be a rotating dumpling every month.

"I want to make it so it's fresh and well made, but not pretentious," she says. "Just something tasty and affordable."

Construction on the location at 1146 Peavy Rd. is underway, with an estimated opening of early summer. She's transforming the space that previously housed Cultivar Coffee into a tea salon, with bobas and great teas of all kinds.

She likes the idea that she's picking up the mantle from a former taqueria. "In my mind, dumplings can be just like tacos, it's just another wrap with potential for great fillings," she says.