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New restaurant near Galleria Dallas is blissfully free of bacon

New restaurant near Galleria Dallas is blissfully free of bacon

The Market kosher
You don't see any bacon there, right. That's a good thing. Photo courtesy of The Market

A new restaurant coming soon to the Galleria area in North Dallas will open with a menu that covers all of the special-interest dining groups while still being inclusive to all.

Called The Market, it will open at 13534 Preston Rd. near the intersection of Alpha Road, in a cute building that used to be a gold/silver jewelry store. They'll open in mid-May with a mission to be accessible to the entire community of Dallas, and that includes kosher, allergy-friendly, vegetarian, and vegan options.

The kosher part means they won't serve pork, so that leaves out the people who wear "I Heart Bacon" T-shirts. Some might say that a restaurant without those T-shirts is a good thing.

They'll be open breakfast and lunch only, no dinner hours, and will also be closed on Saturdays — "to serve you and your family on Sunday," they say.

The Market is owned by Stacey Clark, an experienced East coaster with a financial background and a fantastic eye for service and food; and Jordona Kohn, a trained and skilled chef with an extensive history with foods from French, Middle Eastern, and Southern & Eastern European cuisine as well as front of the house experience, who has taught classes at local spots such as Whole Foods Market.

They'll serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch with soups, salads, and sandwiches, opening at 6 am for coffee, with pastries and pre-prepared to-go items. The menu will feature East coast classics plus local Texas cuisine, with weekly seasonal specials.

Their instagram page shows an array of colorful dishes from their catering operation, such as sliced brisket topped with pineapple, pickled onions, and beef bacon; bagels and smoked salmon; and nicely-made breads such as challah and chocolate babka.

Since the restaurant will be kosher, that rules out not only pork but also most meat, since kosher laws say that you can't consume milk and meat together.

Basically, it's a seafood restaurant, with vegan and vegetarian options. Kohn describes it to Eater as if "True Food Kitchen and First Watch had a New York baby," stating that they're "not going to be taping huge kosher symbols all over the walls," calling it instead a "fresh, scratch-made food that just happens to also be kosher."