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Sweet bakery-bistro at Dallas’ Mockingbird Station boasts French twist

Sweet bakery-bistro at Dallas' Mockingbird Station boasts French twist

Edith's Patisserie
Edith's Patisserie is a new bakery and bistro at Mockingbird Station. Photo courtesy of Edith's

Dallas can never get enough croissants, and now there's a new place baking them: Edith's Patisserie, a new bakery and bistro that opened on May 9 at Mockingbird Station, in the former Rockfish Seafood Grill space. If you want croissants, Edith's has them, in butter, almond, and chocolate varieties, plus desserts, sandwiches, and custom cakes.

Baked sweets include oatmeal cookies, colorful macarons, and pies, including pecan pie and a cool oatmeal pie, with a fudgey oatmeal center.

Before opening her shop at Mockingbird Station, founder Edith Ferreyro ran an at-home bakery business for 10 years, baking specialty cakes for friends and family. She quickly established a following for wedding cakes, and also baked desserts for restaurants.

After her son was hurt in a near-death accident, she says she became newly motivated to open a shop.

In addition to baked goods, Edith's is also a French-style bistro with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There is a tempting breakfast menu with scrambled eggs and baguette toasts; pain perdu with challah bread and vanilla ice cream shakshouka — eggs baked in spicy tomato beef stew with potatoes, carrots, and peas; fried chicken with Gruyere popovers and pancetta gravy; blueberry ricotta pancakes; spinach and cheddar omelet; and short rib hash with red potatoes, onions, white cheddar, and a sunny-side egg.

Lunch and dinner entrées include a cheeseburger, French dip sandwich, croque monsieur and croque madame, and a BLT with an egg. Pastrami sandwich has sauerkraut, avocado, and ghost pepper cheese on brioche, a vegetarian sandwich has goat cheese, peppers, and onion. There's also short rib poutine with mozzarella curds.

Salads include a Caesar, Nicoise — a classic version with butter lettuce and halved hard-boiled eggs. A house salad has watercress. Yay watercress; if there's one thing we need more than croissants, it's salads with watercress. There are sweet and savory crepes, including red velvet, s'mores, tiramisu, and bananas Foster.

They even bake their own breads in-house. There are French wines, a patio, and free wifi access. And for coffee and tea connoisseurs, there are specialty blends and a full range of espresso drinks, including foamy cappuccinos served in extra-large cups.