Mesero to the North

Mico's Mexican marvel Mesero migrates to northern Dallas restaurant hub

Mico's Mexican marvel Mesero migrates to northern Dallas dining hub

Mesero Mexican restaurant in Dallas
A fourth branch of Mesero will open in Addison in early 2016. Courtesy photo
Dallas restaurateur Mico Rodriguez
Diners love the food of Mesero founder Mico Rodriguez. Courtesy photo
Mesero Mexican restaurant in Dallas
Dallas restaurateur Mico Rodriguez

The comeback of Mico Rodriguez continues with the opening of a fourth branch of his successful neo-Mexican chain Mesero. This one will open in a town just north of Dallas. If you guess Addison, you get an A.

Mesero will take over the space at 5505 Belt Line Rd. previously occupied by Jakes. The Addison location joins a portfolio that includes the original Mr. Mesero on McKinney Avenue, plus two branches of Mesero, on Henderson Avenue and at Inwood Village.

A manager at the McKinney Avenue branch confirmed that Addison would open by January 2016, and that it would follow the Mesero model, which has a slightly different and larger assortment of dishes than the menu at Mr. Mesero.

Landlord Robert Carlin said it was part of an overall plan to upgrade the area, which also includes such high-end neighboring concepts as Look Cinemas and Ivy Tavern.

"We're slowly but surely working through the redevelopment of this corner, and this is a wonderful Mexican restaurant," he says.

Mesero stands to get a particularly enviable berth. "Their location is adjacent to an open space, with the potential for a great patio that looks out over the golf course," he says.

After parting ways with Mi Cocina, Rodriguez opened Mr. Mesero on McKinney Avenue in 2011. He followed that up with a more ambitious Mesero Miguel on Henderson in the former Alma space, which he subsequently downscaled to Mesero. The Inwood branch of Mesero opened in July 2014.

Its appeal lies in its combination of Mexican, Tex-Mex and American dishes, from mole chicken enchiladas to a popular cheeseburger, served in upscale settings.