No More Bottomless Coffee

Dallas’ Greenville Avenue has one less breakfast option with this closure

Greenville Avenue closure means one less Dallas breakfast option

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There's one less egg to fry on Greenville Avenue. Cafe Brazil/Facebook

The bottomless coffee on Greenville Avenue has dried up. Cafe Brazil at 2900 Greenville Ave. closed on May 22. The restaurant put a note outside its door on Monday morning, taped to one of those yellow "Wet Floor" signs, that said, "This location has closed. Please visit us just four minutes away, at the Cafe Brazil in University Park."

A spokesman for the landlord confirmed the lease had ended and the restaurant had closed.

The Greenville Avenue Cafe Brazil opened in 2007, and, like all of its Cafe Brazil siblings, it was big on breakfast and offered late-night dining hours, originally 24 hours on the weekend. It served the same wide-ranging menu of chilaquiles, migas, tacos, chicken-fried steak, chorizo empanadas, omelets, crepes, pancakes, French toast, and its signature bottomless cup of coffee with an array of urns in different blends and flavors.

But that branch sometimes felt a little forlorn. Despite a large population of potential customers in the neighborhood, the restaurant never drew the same crowds as some of the other branches, such as University Park or Deep Ellum.

Dinner wasn't its specialty, but the place did not do itself any favors by closing at 4 pm on weekdays.

That stretch of Greenville has always felt sort of "in between." The Cafe Brazil location had previously seen a variety of restaurants come and go, including Cool Blue, Cafe Sierra, By George!, and Caulfield's; the list goes all the way back to the '90s.