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Sushi Axiom team goes gastropub with new eatery in Dallas' Oak Lawn district

Sushi Axiom team goes gastropub with new eatery in Dallas' Oak Lawn

District 30 Gastropub
Oak Lawn is getting a new gastropub. Photo courtesy of District 30

A new gastropub is coming to Oak Lawn Avenue bearing craft beer and brunch. Called District 30 Gastropub, it'll open in June at 3211 Oak Lawn Ave., in a space with some turnover and whose most recent occupant was Bite By Eddy T.

District 30 is owned by the restaurant group behind Sushi Axiom and is a kind of sibling to Eastside Bar & Grill, a similar concept in Richardson. To help get the place open, they hired Jonathan Kiker, a trained chef who owns a catering company and who consulted on the menu and concept.

"The menu is basically upscale comfort food, with a fusion of French and Italian and American," Kiker says. "There's everything from Calvados apple brandy pork chop with Yukon gold mashed potatoes to salmon with grilled asparagus to fish and chips."

There are crab cakes, airline chicken, and bone-in rib-eye. And there are burgers, made from a mix of beef and short rib, and served on a brioche bun from Village Baking Co. They're presented in true 2017 style: on a wooden board accompanied by French fries served in a hammered stainless-steel cup.

Desserts include blueberry cobbler and crème brûlée. There's also brunch, with omelets, steel-cut oatmeal with strawberries, and a bourbon brioche French toast.

The restaurant has been in the works since December, cleaning up the aftermath left by the previous tenant. Decor incorporates lots of wood, with roomy booths and a new bar.

"We built a 50-person bar, with 30 beer taps," Kiker says. And it'll be all IPAs — "no regular domestic beers," he says.