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New Italian restaurant with perfectly shaped pizza flips for Frisco

New Italian restaurant with perfectly shaped pizza flips for Frisco

Pizza from Mici. Mici

Italian food good and fast is coming to Dallas-Fort Worth: Mici Italian, which strives to provide a pizza that is both artisan-level but also quick and convenient, will open its first location in Texas in Frisco, at 8244 FM 423 N, where they'll serve pizzas, pastas, wine, and beer.

According to a spokesperson, the restaurant will open in early July.

Mici Italian was founded in Colorado in 2004 by Miceli siblings Jeff, Michael, and Kim, who grew up around great Italian food thanks to their father, who was a great cook.

Inspired by their father's cooking, Jeff and Michael started a delivery and carry-out pizza shop and eventually came to the realization that they could launch a quick-casual Italian service that could achieve the same level of convenience.

They grew the chain to seven locations in Denver, and began franchising in 2021, to Texas, Phoenix, and Detroit. The Frisco location is from Carlos Smith, who has a 20-year career running operations at Outback Steakhouse, and was also Outback Steakhouse's first African American proprietor.  He has plans to open more locations around DFW.

One of the ways Mici succeeds is a simplified cooking process using a patented dough press invented by Jeff Miceli that helps shape the dough so that it has a rim around the edge but is flatter in the center - allowing any kitchen staffer to make New York-style pizzas quickly and effectively.

Their streamlined operation offers comforting, classic Italian fare steeped in family history, but prepared quickly, with minimal wait and delivery times thanks to high-efficiency kitchen operations.

Pizzas come in 10- or 16-inch sizes, some with red sauce, some with olive oil. They include classics such as pepperoni, Margherita, cheese, and a "Molte Carne" with pepperoni, family-recipe sausage, and hand-rolled meatballs.

A Mediterranean pizza has spinach, artichoke, tomato, black olives, and garlic, and the Pina has zucchini and fontina cheese.

Pies run from $8 to $24, and any pizza can also be ordered in a calzone version.

In addition to pizzas, Mici's menu also features Italian dishes, based on family recipes from Miceli's father. Eight pastas include:

  • spaghetti & meatball
  • lasagna
  • Cortonese with penne and Tuscan meat sauce
  • alfedo with bowtie pasta
  • Rosa with penne pasta and Rosalie's marinara
  • creamy pesto
  • tortellini alla Miceli with prosciutto and peas

There are salads including Caesar and a house salad with mixed greens, gorgonzola, red grapes, and candied walnuts; and an antipasta with deli meats, artichokes, and roasted red peppers.

Wine is old-school, either red or white, and their beer selection includes Italian label Peroni.

They emphasize hospitality and a family-friendly focus, such as giving kids pizza dough to play with while they wait for their food, sure to be a winner in Frisco.