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New Dallas restaurant K's House brings Korean BBQ to Trinity Groves

New Dallas restaurant K's House brings Korean BBQ to Trinity Groves

K's House
BBQ is here. Photo courtesy of K's House

Trinity Groves has a new restaurant doing a new cuisine: Korean BBQ. K's House, at Cypress at Trinity Groves, is a prototypical Korean BBQ restaurant featuring table-side grilling, that opened on May 30, according to a release.

Cypress at Trinity Groves is the first mixed-use project in the West Dallas development, across Singleton Boulevard from the Trinity Groves restaurant incubator.

According to the release, K's House is striving for authenticity, with many ingredients imported from Korea and family recipes from owner Sammantha Kang, passed down for generations.

Each table grill features down-draft ventilation, so it doesn't get smoky. Meats for grilling include boneless short rib, ribeye, beef bulgogi, pork belly, chicken, seafood, and pork shoulder blade that's been double-marinated in coffee then wine.

Other Korean specialties prepared by the kitchen include bibimbap, hot stone bibimbap, beef, and pork short ribs that take a week to prepare and marinate, and soft tofu soup featuring a sauce made from 17 ingredients and fermented for four days.

The meal comes with banchan, aka Korean side dishes, which rotate daily and might include kimchi with cabbage flown in from Korea; cucumber; fish cakes; and Korean-style potatoes.

The restaurant will also offer rotating and seasonal specials such as shabu shabu.

A separate menu for lunch features Korean tacos and sliders made with kimchi pork belly or beef, pork or chicken bulgogi, and Korean style Ramyeon, a ramen-like soup that the release says became popular in Korea in the 1960s.

"At K's House, we feature a mix of traditional, approachable Korean dishes with modern touches that you’ll only find at our restaurant," owner Sammantha Kang says in a release. "While you enjoy the meal, we want to be able to give you a history of Korean food and why it’s prepared the way it is. We have some recipes on the menu that have been made for hundreds, even thousands of years in Korea with little change."

In addition to a full bar, K’s House will feature cocktails made with specialty Korean liquors. "Korean food is about sharing great food with family and friends," Kang says.

K's House joins other restaurants Dulcet Café, BingBox Snow Cream, and Steam Theory Brewing, along with a bank, barber shop, and apartments.

K’s House will be open for lunch and dinner daily beginning June 3. They'll also stay open late with a nightly Night Owl menu from 10 pm to 2 am, available for delivery only.