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New York ice cream shop introduces Dallas to Korean shaved ice

New York ice cream shop introduces Dallas to Korean shaved ice

This is an ice cream cone that an influencer could love. Photo courtesy of BingBox

A unique new shaved-ice concept is coming to Texas, with a first location in Dallas. Called BingBox Snow Cream Co., it's opening at Trinity Groves in mid-June.

BingBox Snow Cream Co. launched in New York City two years ago, where it debuted "Korean bingsu," a light-as-air version of shaved ice.

Bingbox was founded by friends Matt Liong and Scott Lin. In 2016, they quit their jobs and traveled to Korea, where they fell in love with patbingsu, Bingbox's inspiration. They opened their inaugural location in New York City's East Village neighborhood.

This shaved ice is different from others that may come to mind. BingBox uses machines imported from Seoul into which flavored liquids are poured. They freeze instantaneously, turning into soft, powder-like flakes.

The resulting frozen dessert differs from New Orleans snoballs and Hawaiian shave ice, which are flavored with syrups, and also from Taiwanese baobing, which has more of a feathery, ribbon-like shape.

Each spoonful of bingsu feels like just-fallen snow, a texture that’s truly unlike anything else.

So many shaved ices.

Signature BingBox combos include creamy options such as Matcha Bing, which has red bean and mochi; and Thai Tea Bing, which has lychee and rainbow jelly.

Refreshing fruit flavors include Strawberry Bing with fresh berries and banana; and Mango Bing with lychee and granola.

Customers can also mix-and-match their choice of bing with toppings ranging from mochi and Fruity Pebbles to fresh fruit. 

In addition to bingsu, Bingbox will also serve artisan soft serve, milkshakes, and fruit smoothies.

The soft serve will be available in vibrant cones or waffle bowls, and flavors will change monthly. New Yorkers have been treated to sakura rose, honeydew, taro, and very berry.

Dallas should expect even more innovative flavors in the coming months.

Milkshakes will come in preset combos and also in a customizable option, allowing customers to select a soft serve base and toppings that are directly blended into the ice cream. Additional toppings will be sprinkled on top to complete the milkshake.

Smoothies will be made similarly with a fruit blend base.

Perhaps most importantly, BingBox has some social media muscle. Its one-of-a-kind bingsu caught the attention of famed YouTubers the Fung Bros., and has been featured on Food Network's Snapchat channel, Spoon University, and on Instagram accounts @cheatdayeats @food.drunk and @foodbabyny.

Influencers, baby! Influencers are where it's at.