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Extra-meaty BBQ restaurant from Tokyo opens on Dallas' Greenville Ave

Extra-meaty BBQ restaurant from Tokyo opens on Dallas' Greenville Ave

Manpuku Japanese BBQ
So meaty. Manpuku

The meat is coming, the meat is coming: Manpuku, a chain of Japanese barbecue (yakiniku) restaurants from Tokyo, will bring the distinctive interactive Japanese yakiniku dining experience to Texas, opening its first restaurant in the Lone Star State in Dallas.

According to a release, it'll open on Lower Greenville Avenue on June 29. Specifically, it's opening at 2023 Greenville Ave., IE the former Yucatan Taco Stand space.

Manpuku Japanese Yakiniku Grill was founded 70 years ago in Tokyo, and currently has four U.S. locations in Southern California.

It's part of a group called Take Five Dining Texas Company, which is based in Los Angeles and Tokyo and operates seven yakiniku restaurants and eight western cuisine restaurants in central Tokyo.

"Sharing the fun of eating and drinking with guests and employees is my company’s core purpose and Dallas exemplifies that perfectly, with its bustling restaurant scene and friendly people," says Shinya Ii, CEO of Take Five Dining Texas Company. "At Manpuku, Dallas diners will be treated to a unique, customized yakiniku experience that is not available anywhere else locally."

The yakiniku experience focuses on bites of raw protein and vegetables cooked tableside over small grills and eaten fresh and hot.

Dishes are accompanied by sauces and dressings such as soy, miso, and sesame oil imported from Japan.

The beef is U.S. Prime beef raised in Nebraska; American Kobe Beef; and Wagyu beef from Japan.

The restaurant will feature three signature dishes:

  • Negi shio yakiniku: Sliced beef topped with garnishes such as grated garlic, sesame oil, chopped Tokyo green onions, sesame seeds and original seasoning. This dish was created 70 years ago at first Manpuku in Tokyo
  • Yakiniku-style sukiyaki:  Rice wrapped inside grilled Kobe beef then topped with fresh egg yolk
  • Yaki-shabu yaki-shabu: Vegetables are wrapped inside Kobe beef then finished with tart, umami-filled oroshi ponzu sauce

In addition to a la carte items such as beef tongue, guests can order Omakase-style for two or four and receive a selection of meats, plus sides, salads, and soft serve, for a fixed price of $40 - $100 per person, depending on which protein is selected.

The restaurant seats more than 100, in a contemporary dining room with contrasting materials such as rustic wood and black metal, with 18 tables inside and 8-10 on the patio. Architecture and design are by Takahiro Sato and Masakazu Abe of Tokyo-based Pico Innovate Texas Inc.

Reservations are recommended and available via Open Table starting June 29. Guests who dine with Manpuku during opening week from June 29-July 5 will receive a $20 gift card to be used on a future visit.