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Best ice cream shop in Dallas-Fort Worth rolls out cool summer trend

Best ice cream shop in Dallas-Fort Worth rolls out cool summer trend

Flavors Ice Cream
Rolls are where it's at in ice cream right now. Photo courtesy of Flavors

An ice cream shop in Richardson is serving the best ice cream in Dallas-Fort Worth. The shop is Flavors of Ice Cream, located at Richardson Heights Village, and it's getting its ice cream from a renowned company from Florida that wins awards year after year.

The Florida company is called the Ice Cream Club, and its ice cream is made in a style similar to what you find at shops across New England. It has 14 to 15 percent butterfat — higher than supermarket ice cream, which has 10 to 12 percent, but lower than the 16 percent found in rich super-premium ice creams like Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's.

This "in-between" butterfat content is just right. The texture is still rich, but not as "cheesy" as super-premium ice creams. It almost feels homemade. Lowering the fat content lets you taste the flavors better, and it melts more readily.

Flavors, which is located along the same strip of stores as Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, just a few doors south, is not the first to offer the Ice Cream Club's product. It was introduced to the DFW area in 2008 by the Ice Cream Place, an ice cream shop in Southlake, which is where Flavors owner Sunny Virji, who also owns a chain of hair salons, first encountered it.

"When I got the space in Richardson where Flavors is located, I was thinking about opening a frozen yogurt store," Virji says. "I felt like this was the time I should do something adventurous. But as I began to explore, it seemed like frozen yogurt was fading, and ice cream was becoming more popular."

He was in the midst of his research on ice cream when he visited the Ice Cream Place.

"I knew right away that this was really good ice cream," he says. "But I sent my daughters out first to try it. Before I made my decision, I wanted to get their confirmation, and they agreed."

He offers 47 of the Ice Cream Club's flavors, from rainbow sherbet to Mexican chocolate, along with banana splits, shakes, sundaes, snow cones, smoothies, and custom ice cream cakes.

Everything was going swell — and then Virji discovered this summer's frozen trend, aka Thai-style rolled ice cream. He realized that no one else was doing it in Richardson, more research, and voila: Flavors began doing ice cream rolls.

There are two machines, each with two frozen plates, so four rolls at a time can be made. There are four flavor bases — your prototypical vanilla and chocolate, but also intriguing green tea and mango — to which customers can add whatever toppings and treats they desire.

"With the rolls, people can order something different every time," he says. "They get to interact. We make it in front of them, and people seem to enjoy watching. "The rolls — people are crazy about them right now."