Calling Innovators Hear Ye Hear Ye

West Dallas restaurant incubator puts out the call for new ideas

West Dallas restaurant incubator puts out the call for new ideas

Trinity Groves in Dallas
Your restaurant could be here. Photo courtesy of Trinity Groves

West Dallas incubator Trinity Groves has slots open for new restaurants, and is standing by to take your application now.

Tired of working for "the man"? Have you always dreamed about running your own business? Then act now! Here's your chance to finally show the world that unique restaurant or retail concept you think Dallas is missing.

Entrepreneurs who have an idea for a new restaurant or retail concept can pitch their vision and join the other 13 restaurants and retail shops already open at Trinity Groves.

Trinity Groves is the mixed-use restaurant and retail destination at the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in West Dallas founded by restaurateur Phil Romano.

Trinity Groves manager Bob Sambol says they're seeking Dallas innovators.

"Fostering innovation and providing an outlet for entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity through food has always been at the heart of Trinity Groves," Sambol says in a release. "Dallas is brimming with innovators and we are excited to further tap into that market and expand upon what Trinity Groves offers."

Trinity Groves partners with chefs and restaurateurs by investing in their concept and taking care of the back end of the restaurant business — payroll, paying bills, insurance, credit with vendors — while the owner focuses on food and customer service.

What they don't say is that, in return, you must hand over your first-born child, plus all rights to the concept in perpetuity, plus they get dibs on the best-looking center-cut steak you put out during each night's service. Just kidding. About the steak, that is.

Your idea doesn't have to be a restaurant — people can also submit ideas for retail shops like Kate Weiser Chocolate and Cake Bar, both now open at Trinity Groves. Or a bakery. Please someone, pitch a bakery. A bakery that does croissants and Danish and puffy little flatbreads topped with vegetables, like the ones they used to serve at Corner Bakery, when Corner Bakery first came to Dallas, before Brinker beat it down into the bland pulp it is today.

Phil Romano used to work for Brinker, once upon a time.

Those who want to apply can visit There is a short form that asks for basic information like past experience and a description of the concept. Applicants can also share a video, resume, or pictures.

The partners will narrow down submissions and hold an event where finalists pitch their ideas.