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Chicago Mediterranean restaurant Roti fills North Dallas lunch niche

Chicago Mediterranean restaurant Roti fills North Dallas lunch niche

Roti Modern Mediterranean
This will be a big plus for the neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Roti

In exciting news for hummus fans — which, be honest, is all of us — a growing restaurant chain from Chicago is expanding its Dallas presence with a second location.

Roti Modern Mediterranean, which made its Dallas debut in Uptown in 2017, has secured a spot in Preston Center, at 8301 Westchester Dr.

According to spokesperson Analisa Terenzio, the restaurant will open in the fall.

Roti was founded in 2007 and now has more than 30 locations, in Illinois, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and Virginia.

It's a little like a Mediterranean version of Chipotle, aimed at health-conscious consumers seeking clean, sustainably-sourced ingredients such as grass-fed beef, and chicken that's antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Appropriately, it's going into a space that was previously a Chipotle, which closed in 2017.

Its fast-casual service model makes it a great option for lunch, for which there is a huge demand in Preston Center.

Its lunch is major at its first Dallas location, on the ground floor of the McKinney & Olive building — which happens to be mere walking distance from the bustling co-working office space of CultureMap Dallas.

Which industrious CultureMap staffer has not grabbed a quick meal to go, in between breaking important stories, organizing swanky soirees, and fielding multiple requests for front-page ads? None, that's who.

Roti has a customizable menu that lets you build your own sandwich, salad, or rice plate, then choose toppings, sides, and sauces. Each meal comes with a whole-wheat house-baked pita.

Their menu includes not only hummus, but falafel, the delectable fried chickpea meatball-like fritter with a crunchy crust and savory meaty center that's a food group you can never get enough of.