Downtown Ramen

Downtown Dallas Statler hotel springs surprise ramen restaurant

Downtown Dallas Statler hotel springs surprise ramen restaurant

Statler Hilton
Ramen is happening. Photo courtesy of the Statler

The Statler Dallas hotel downtown has unveiled a surprise restaurant: a new fast-casual ramen and bao spot cleverly called R&B.

Actually the name is a little too clever for its own good; they want to call it r&b but lower-case names don't fly around here.

Serving a small, focused menu by executive chef Angela Hernandez and chef de cuisine Josh Bonee, R&B is officially open.

According to a spokesperson, R&B was not part of the game plan when the restaurant lineup was originally announced. But the concept emerged as the development of Fine China, the Asian restaurant also overseen by Hernandez, unfolded.

The restaurant features the simplicity of a modern Japanese ramen and bao house, with limited seating and a standing counter. Located on the ground floor of The Statler hotel, adjacent to the recently opened Fine China, guests can access the restaurant from the street, making it an ideal spot for a quick lunch or late-night bite.

There are four ramen bowls as follows:

  • Chicken Tskune – meatballs, kale, corn, mayu, ajitama, and tori paitan broth
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese – pork belly, soy maple, scallion, soft egg, and cured yolk (brothless)
  • Tantanmen – spicy pork ragu, chili oil, sesame, mustard greens, bamboo, peanuts, soft egg, and chicken broth
  • Chilled Tomato Mazemen – heirloom tomato, Thai basil, tare, koji tofu, and nori (brothless)

In addition to ramen, the menu also features seven "playful" takes on the bao, the Chinese steamed bun filled with meat and/or vegetables, which they liken to the Chinese version of a taco. Can bao be playful?

The selection includes Cheesebao-ger with onion jam, American cheese and bread & butter pickles; and the edamame falafel with jalapeno hummus, cucumber, pickled red onion, and sriracha yogurt.

It'll be open weekdays and Saturday for lunch, and then late-night hours on Friday-Saturday, from 9 pm-4 am.