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Young bar owners rescue Deep Ellum spot with fun new retro '70s bar

Young bar owners rescue Deep Ellum spot with fun new retro '70s bar

Pineapple Daiquiri Summer Cocktail
Mmmm, daiquiris. Courtesy photo

A troubled bar in Deep Ellum has closed, but there's already a new concept moving in, from well-regarded veterans in the neighborhood.

The closure is Drugstore Cowboy, a coffeehouse-bar that resided at one of the most central locations in Deep Ellum: 2721 Main St., at the intersection of Main and Crowdus.

The new concept, called The Crowdus, comes from Braxton Martin, Corey Good, and Justus Pinkston, of High & Tight, the combination barbershop-speakeasy located just a few doors away.

Keeping with their track record of innovation and originality, The Crowdus will observe a unique retro theme both on the menu and decor. Martin says they're doing a full remodel not only on the storefront but on the ambience inside, as well.

"It's going to have a '70s/'80s vibe, with fun drinks like daiquiris at awesome prices," he says. "We'll try to bring back what was cool in the '70s and the '80s. We're tearing it down to the bare bones."

Construction has just begun, so it'll be late summer/early fall before they do their big reveal.

Martin and company are working on a few other projects, including a shop in Austin, but couldn't resist the opportunity to do something at that location.

Drugstore Cowboy was a bit of an orphan, with absentee owners, inexperienced management, and problematic patrons who caused trouble for the area.

The Crowdus will be strictly a bar — but one with a strong neighborhood feel, Martin says.

"We're completely revamping it," he says. "Deep Ellum enjoys a lot of visitors, but there's also a tight-knit community there, and we thought it would be good to have something for the neighborhood."