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Cute muffin restaurant on Dallas' Greenville Ave takes on the taco

Cute muffin restaurant on Dallas' Greenville Ave takes on the taco

3 Egg Muffins
Muffins are the story here. Photo courtesy of 3 Egg

There's a cute little breakfast and snack spot newly opened on Dallas' Greenville Avenue with a truly one-of-a-kind angle. It's called Three Egg Muffins, and it specializes in muffins — but muffins that go far beyond the usual blueberry.

Three Egg's founder, Don Whun Lee, has devised a new kind of breakfast muffin with eggs baked in, that serve as a viable alternative to your prototypical breakfast taco.

"I created these savory egg muffins, which are substantial enough for a meal, especially at breakfast," Lee says. "I start with a typical muffin batter, but I make it with a whole baked egg on top, then top it with things like cheese, ham, and bacon. It has all of the ingredients you usually enjoy for breakfast, but in a muffin format."

Lee is native of Seoul, Korea, and a former sushi chef who has worked at a variety of restaurants, most recently Avocado Roll Sushi. He started out making these muffins at home as a treat for his family. The reception was significantly enthusiastic that he decided to try it out in a restaurant setting.

He'd seen the popularity of breakfast tacos and thought this would make a good alternative, at a reasonable price.

Options include ham with mozzarella; bacon with cheddar; and maple sausage. But even his traditional sweet muffins are creative, with flavors such as Oreo cookie and strawberry cream cheese.

He opened two weeks ago at 3607 Greenville Ave., across from Snuffer's and the Granada Theater, in what was most recently a rolled ice cream place called Frost Bite, but which was for many years Cafe Izmir Market.

He's given it a makeover with pale woods and a clean, modern touch. In addition to muffins, he does excellent coffee drinks, including espresso-based items such as lattes and cappuccinos for $3, as well as state-of-the-art pour-overs.

"I'd been looking for space for a while when I found this location," Lee says. "I like this area. I used to go out for dinner and lunch in this area, and it has a good vibe, I think."