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Award-winning dumplings star at new dim sum restaurant in Addison

Award-winning dumplings star at new dim sum restaurant in Addison

Bushi Bushi dumplings
Their plump, juicy dumplings have won awards. Yelp

A new restaurant is bringing some juicy dumplings to town: It's called Bushi Bushi, and it's in Addison at 4930 Belt Line Rd. #100, in the former Cafe Brazil space, where it's doing a soft opening over the next few weeks.

Owner Patrick Ru previously owned restaurants in New York before moving to Dallas in 2020.

"I moved to Dallas because of the warmer weather, less traffic, better environment, andt he people are nice," he says. "I couldn't find food that I liked, so I decided to open a place."

"I am a perfectionist," he says. "I like to do things perfect — 100 percent — and thought I could bring something of high quality."

He's doing dim sum, but in a different way than what's common around DFW.

The actual definition of dim sum is a collection of small Chinese dishes, most commonly eaten at breakfast and lunch, but for many people in the Dallas area, dim sum equates to "food brought to you in carts."

Bushi Bushi won't have carts.

"That's the old-fashioned way, but I want to change that," he says. "The problem with that approach is that when the food sits on the cart, it isn't made fresh, and loses some of its flavor."

And while people may miss the carts, the benefit to Bushi Bushi is that he'll serve those dim sum dishes every day. (Some dim sum places only do the carts on weekends.)

"We'll be serving small items, like little finger foods, but we're making the food to order," he says.

His soft-opening menu includes

  • spring rolls
  • wings
  • hot & sour soup
  • chicken fried rice
  • chicken noodle soup
  • General Tso Chicken

But that's just for openers; it will change according to what customers like. He's also serving beer and wine.

And really, it's the dumplings that are the thing. They have a variety of options: veggie, chicken, seafood, both steamed and pan-fried, six pieces for $8 to $10, and then soup dumplings, which he initially thought he would serve on weekends only, but the feedback has been so strong that he'll now be serving them every day.

"I co-owned a restaurants in New Jersey called Soup Dumpling Plus, and we were well known for our dumplings," he says.

As for the name — "in Chinese, bushi bushi means to 'eat fresh,' 'eat seasonally,'" he says. "It means, 'no fresh, won't eat.'"