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Sfereco restaurant drops its meatballs and spaghetti into Lewisville

Sfereco restaurant drops its meatballs and spaghetti into Lewisville

Sfereco meatball
Meatballs coming at chya. Photo courtesy of Sfereco

The meatballs are headed for Lewisville with the arrival of Sfereco, the Italian-American restaurant from Refined Hospitality Concepts that made its debut at The Statler Dallas hotel in June 2020.

The restaurant will be located at 233 W Church St., formerly home to Cavalli Pizza, and according to a release, it'll open on Monday August 9.

The Lewisville location will have something the original does not: a prized wood-burning pizza oven, inherited from the previous tenant; and a fun Spaghetti-Western theme to the menu of appetizers, sandwiches, pizzas, entrees, salads, and meatballs. (Although, it seems like they could just as easily observe a Meatballs theme as a spaghetti-Western theme.)

Dishes include:

  • Whipped Ricotta with Apricot Jelly, Toasted Pecans and House Made Focaccia
  • Roasted Calabrian Chili Shrimp with Shaved Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Gremolata
  • Crispy Braised Beef Ravioli with Tomato Sauce, Parmesan
  • Brisket Meatball with Bourbon BBQ and Herbs
  • Impossible Veganball with Tomato Sauce, Vegan Cheese, Fresh Basil

The release doesn't mention spaghetti as an option, which seems like a grave oversight, given the whole "spaghetti Western" theme mentioned above.

But not to worry, the menu posted online shows spaghetti as an option in a do-it-yourself program: You select your meatball from a choice of six flavors, along with choice of sauce (Bolognese, basil pesto, veggie ragu, and more), and choice of pasta bowl including rigatoni, orecchiette, polenta, and — yes, spaghetti, thank god.

They'll also have lasagna, pizza, and tiramisu, plus a large outdoor patio — a 2021 must.

CEO Robert Hall says the Italian-American dining experience at Sfereco is "unmatched," stating that "the western spirit paired with our authentic cooking style is a balance of fun meeting flavor."