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Stacked sandwiches at a nice price arrive at Dallas' Design District

Stacked sandwiches at a nice price arrive at Dallas' Design District

Stack's Sandwich
Now that is a sandwich. Photo by Stack's

A cute new sandwich shop has opened in the Design District, serving stacked sandwiches at a pretty sweet price. Called Stack's Sandwich Co., it opened in late June at 150 Turtle Creek Blvd., in a space that was most recently Celebrity Cafe and Bakery, and which was once home to Margaux.

Stack's is from Robert Stack, a young and extremely likable entrepreneur who has previously worked at well-known restaurants such as Smoke, the Statler, and Victor Tangos. He paid his dues and saved his money until he could open his own place.

Given the neighborhood, Stack's is focused on lunch but with a rare combination of artisanal flair and low price.

They're making their own breads for the sandwiches, smoking their own brisket, doing all fresh food, and yet the sandwiches are $7. Yes, that is correct, $7.

"Keeping the price low is a focus of mine," Stack says. "I'm in the service industry. I go out to eat a lot, and the prices are crazy. We're keeping our price point where all our sandwiches are $7, but you get good, fresh food."

He's also interested in doing creative and seasonal offerings.

"The other idea behind our menu is that the possibility of the sandwich is endless," he says. "We're keeping a limited menu of five sandwiches, but those will rotate out seasonally, and we'll switch up our salads with the seasons, too."

"Right now, for summer, we have a good melon salad with shaved country ham, goat cheese, frisee, and candied pecans," he says. "I am also doing more vegetable- and fruit-driven salads instead of just lettuce."

One of his current favorite sandwiches is the fried tomato with pimento cheese, which they serve on an unusual bread, made in-house, of course.

"The bread is a hybrid of sandwich bread and corn bread," he says. "We make a sandwich bread, but we use blue corn meal so it has this indigo hue."

One of their most stupendous sandwiches is the torta de brisket, served on a house-made bolillo roll — did we mention they make their own bread? It comes with shredded smoked brisket, ancho-chile ketchup, black bean aioli, Oaxaca cheese, sliced avocado, and papalo, a Mexican herb that he describes as "a bright, amped-up version of cilantro."

"It's a monster sandwich," Stack says.

Other menu items include avocado fries and corn croquettes — "like a fried bite of elotes," he says.

They're also open for breakfast, with a menu that includes those really thick pancakes that are a trend right now, and are also smoking meats such as bacon in-house, which they sell by the pound.

"I'd love for this to turn into a deli grab-and-go, like a Jimmy's, just to bring that to this side of town," he says.