Landlord Lockout

Angelo's restaurant in Lakewood has served its last spaghetti Bolognese

Angelo's restaurant in Dallas has served its last spaghetti Bolognese

Longtime Italian restaurant Angelo's in Lakewood has served its last spaghetti, its final baked ziti with garlic rolls on the side. Shuttered by the landlord August 9, the restaurant is now closed.

Co-owner Bernadette Fisher posted the news on the restaurant's Facebook page on Sunday, summarizing the role that Angelo's played in the community:

Friends, it is with great sadness that we inform you that, after 21 years, we've closed our doors for good. We've had many ups and downs in those two decades, and while the past few years were a struggle, the good times have by far outweighed the bad. We've employed all walks of life, watched babies grow up and go to college, seen engagements turn into marriages and families, supported East Dallas schools and charities, and have been honored to serve tens of thousands of people. It's a sad day for our family, but the silver lining will be whatever new adventure awaits us. We hope to see you around East Dallas, which will always be home to us, and maybe one day we'll be able to serve you again.

With checkered tablecloths and a red candle on each table, Angelo's was a prototypical Italian American spot, putting out overdone pastas cloaked in creamy sauces. But its modest demeanor, moderate prices, decadent bread pudding and low-key Sunday brunch made it an old-school neighborhood favorite.

The closure was sudden. As recently as three days ago, the restaurant was still conducting its "free bottle of wine" giveaways to random customers and encouraging them to come in claim them.

The restaurant left at least one customer in the lurch when his scheduled catered event was canceled without notice.

"Unbeknownst to me, my landlord terminated my lease and locked me out," Fisher responded on Facebook. "I could not call you because all of your information was in the computer at the restaurant and said they would arrest me if I tried to go in. I cannot tell you what a shock this was. I have been told they have already rented it out. I am so sorry, if I would have known before 8 am Friday morning, I would have called you. Bernadette."

Lakewood is going through a churn; Cantina Laredo nearby closed in late July, and the Balcony Club changed hands.

"Believe me, it wasn't my decision to close, my landlord made it for me," said Fisher on Angelo's Facebook page. "Nobody is sadder than us, trust me. We would have loved nothing more than to have one last big hoorah before closing."

Angelo's Spaghetti House in Dallas
Angelo's Italian restaurant in Lakewood was shut down by the landlord. Photo courtesy of Angelo's Spaghetti House