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Epic pooch-friendly patio restaurant opens on Dallas' Ross Avenue

Epic pooch-friendly patio restaurant opens on Dallas' Ross Avenue

Toller Patio
File this patio under "very pretty." Photo courtesy of Toller Patio

A new patio-riffic bar and restaurant has opened on Dallas' Ross Avenue. Toller Patio Kitchen + Bar, a half-sibling to Hide in Deep Ellum, is now open for business with 12 cocktails on tap, beer, wine, and a from-scratch menu of American classics.

Located at 3675 Ross Ave., on the northwest corner of the intersection of Washington Avenue, the restaurant has 15,000 square feet and is notably dog-friendly; it's named after the Tolling Retriever dog breed.

A release says that it combines the best elements of Texas-style patios and desert-chic décor, with mid-century modern accents and bright colors throughout.

The patio includes retro breeze blocks, seating for hundreds, a centerpiece of lighted 12-foot palm trees, outdoor games, and 17 flat-screen TVs.

The cocktail menu is designed by co-owner Scott Jenkins, who has earned acclaim as beverage director at Hide in Deep Ellum, which he also owns.

Cocktails at Toller include the Castaway with rum, lime, caramelized pineapple, and passionfruit; Pink Drink with vodka, strawberry, and lemon; Bramble with rye whiskey, blackberry, and thyme; and a frozen Grapefruit spritz with champagne, vodka, and grapefruit.

The food menu includes sharable dishes such as elotes and buffalo ranch dip with Ruffles chips; wings, shrimp, and chicken tenders; and a Texas chicken Caesar with Romaine, kale, chicken, and bacon cornbread crumbles.

Burgers include a "sweet & spicy" burger with a chuck brisket blend, jalapeños, goat cheese, and strawberry jam; and a Beyond plant-based burger with cheddar, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickle, and garlic aioli.

Dessert includes dark chocolate soft serve with bourbon caramel, fudge sauce, and buttered Ritz crunch.

There is brunch. The menu includes breakfast tacos and a brunch bowl with meat or veggies, scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash, jalapeños, spicy aioli, and guacamole.

Snacks are available for pets that include Puppy Treats and Pup Ice Cream.