Beer and Brats for Arlington

Arlington biergarten brews up authentic German-style brats and beer

Arlington biergarten brews up authentic German-style brats and beer

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Laura's Biergarten brings beer and brats to the Mid-Cities. Courtesy photo

One of Texas' strongest culinary traditions is German food, and residents of Arlington can soon get a taste at Laura's Biergarten, opening in late August at 6204 S. Cooper St., south of I-20.

Laura's takes over a spot once occupied by a short-term Caribbean restaurant called Stay C's Kitchen, and it comes from namesake Laura Uslu and her husband, Celal, who grew up in Germany and know the cuisine first-hand.

"I'm not German, but I know German food, and I know that people here like German food," Celal says. "There's not enough German food in Fort Worth. You have Edelweiss, and a few places in Dallas, but nothing in between."

Laura's menu will include German-style sausages such as bratwurst and bockwurst, as well as sauerbraten, the German-style pot roast.

"But our specialty will be doner kebab, the Turkish meat dish, which has become the most popular fast-food item in Germany," he says. "We'll do it in the style they do it in Germany, just the beef seasoned with black and red pepper."

They're getting their sausages custom-made. "We're getting them from a place in Dallas that has recipes from over 100 years old," Celel says, mysteriously. "He will make special sausages for us, and they'll be all fresh, no frozen."

What are we forgetting? Oh, right: beer.

"We'll have three German beers on tap and three American beers, and at least a dozen German beers in bottles," he says. "We're working on our patio. You need a biergarten, and we want to be ready in time for Oktoberfest."