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Tex-Tex-Mex restaurant in Plano closes but you can get a piece of it

Tex-Tex-Mex restaurant in Plano closes but you can get a piece of it

Corazon de Tejas, Cuellar
The chips and salsa are long gone. Photo by Teresa Gubbins

A former Tex-Mex restaurant in Plano has closed — but you can still get a piece of it, if you bid now. Bandera Roadhouse, which did Texas and Tex-Mex food at 3310 N. Central Expy., in the space most recently occupied by Cuellars' Fajita Ranch, closed after less than one year.

Bandera took over the space previously operated by the Cuellar family, which had been in that space since 2016. Fajita Ranch subsequently moved to McKinney.

That location has seen a number of concepts come and go. It started out as an El Chico, and was a Mario's Chiquita in the 2000s, a Duke's Roadhouse, and also briefly a place called The Hangout.

Bandera was also a Cuellar concept, owned by second-generation Cuellars Gilbert and Cory, who'd worked at Fajita Ranch.

Using the town of Bandera as inspiration, they tried to expand the Tex-Mex menu with the addition of Texas items such as catfish. But they learned that it's hard tearing people away from their Tex-Mex.

Now, the remaining assets are being offered to the general public through a partnership with Auction Nation, a national online auction company.

"This is an amazing opportunity not only for people in the restaurant industry but for patrons and the general public alike to bid on and purchase the assets from the Bandera Roadhouse," says Auction Nation spokesman Mats Myhre.

All bidding takes place on the website and is online through August 15 at noon.

You have two hours to get yourself some stainless steel work tables, a Sharp commercial microwave oven, or a 30-quart Hobart mixer, all for a song.

Most of it is for the restaurant industry only, but there are nearly a dozen big-screen TVs and multiple wire storage racks. There's a cool stainless storage rack that'd be a good wine rack in a pinch, currently priced at $25.

There's a chip warmer, currently going for $110. Admittedly, the chip warmer takes up a lot of room, but warm chips are so much better than room temperature.

There's some pretty nice artsy Texana stuff, including cowboy and horse paintings, framed Texas flags, a painting of John Wayne, chandeliers, iron-framed mirrors, an assortment of decorative cacti, and various taxidermy, ergh.

There's a lot of dining room furniture, some of it clearly restaurant-y, but some of it cool if you favor a rustic and/or shabby-chic vibe. There are some really nice outdoor picnic/patio tables with seating attached. There are cool Dos Equis beer buckets, Pacifico trays, neon bar signs, pots, pizza pans, and ceramic dishware for miles.

Registration is free, open to the public, and only takes a few minutes. There's also an open house preview on August 15 from 10 am to noon.