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Greenville Avenue institution Char Bar confirms rumors of its closing

Greenville Avenue institution Char Bar confirms rumors of its closing

Char Bar
The restaurant's unique Swiss-chalet style building made it easy to identify. Courtesy photo

A Greenville Avenue fixture for half a century is throwing in the towel. Melios Bros Char Bar, easily identified by its cheery blue-and-white Swiss chalet-style structure, is closing, with a date set for September 22.

The owners shared news of the closure on Facebook.

"The Melios Brothers would like to thank all our customers for the support and business you all have given us for over 40 years," their post said. "Our little blue and white house on lower Greenville has become a landmark because of the love you all have shown us."

We would like to let our customers know that September 22nd will be our last day," they said. "We have been humbled to serve and meet the generations of families that have walked into our restaurant. We hope you all stop by for a final visit or two, to enjoy our food and help bid our little diner farewell. Thank you from the bottom of our Greek hearts! -Tommy, Alex, Gus and Mike"

Rumors that the restaurant might close surfaced in April, when the building was listed as being for rent. The property still shows up as available, but a source says it has been leased.

The brothers say that they're being forced to leave.

"They kicked us out of here, and there's nothing we can do about it," Gus says. "It comes down to those two owners, they're greedy guys."

The brothers say their request for an extension was denied.

"We asked to extend for at least one year, but they said no," he says. "We said, 'OK, let's make it 'til Christmas.' They said, 'No, you gotta go at the end of September.'"

The Melios brothers opened the restaurant in 1973 before there was ever such a thing as "Greenville Ave."

An institution on Greenville Avenue, the restaurant is one of those old-timey classics that's oblivious to trends. It's reminiscent of the diners that once dotted the Northeast, all owned by Greeks, that did basic food very well.

Located at 2026 Greenville Ave., it has seen an entire world of new restaurants and businesses spring up around it, such as the Trader Joe's across the street.

Regulars love Char Bar for its perfectly executed and affordable breakfasts and burgers, with friendly service and an atmosphere made more charming by its quaint decor, with booster-y photos of Greece on the walls.

"Are you ready for a short stack of pancakes, bacon, and hash browns? How about one of our most popular breakfast items-steak and eggs?" the restaurant asks on its Facebook page.

Ever thoughtful to their customers, the brothers have given enough notice that anyone who grew up on the food can get there one more time in the next month.