Grass-Fed Beef

Sweet little Richardson store sells prairie grass-fed beef and folksy wares

Sweet Richardson store sells prairie grass-fed beef and folksy wares

Provision House
Provision House sells grass-fed beef from a ranch in Palo Pinto County, Texas. Photo courtesy of the Provision House

A new grass-fed beef option is more readily available in the DFW with the opening of the Provision House, a charming little shop in Richardson. The shop sells Texas-raised grass-fed beef plus some cute, folksy merchandise that reflects the passions of the owners.

Husband-and-wife J Bart and Martye Simmons own the 2S Ranch 80 miles west of Dallas in Palo Pinto County, where they raise black Angus and black Angus cross cows.

"We're real close to the community of Lone Camp which has a population of 77," Bart says. "The problem is, nobody goes out there. To get somebody to come out to Lone Camp to buy beef is impossible. We had to figure out a way to get it in the Metroplex."

They describe the history of the supply house: "In the 1800's and early 1900's cattle ranches had supply houses. Supply houses were stocked with provisions for the ranch, family and the hired cowboys. The Provision House is our ranch store where we offer interesting and useful products that we love."

Their biggest sellers are rib eye steaks and ground beef. They also sell pork, free-range chicken and eggs raised in east Texas by Bart's nephew.

The Simmons have been ranchers for about 15 years. Six years ago, they became believers in the benefits of grass-fed and turned it over, planting native grasses. Then they take the cows to Fisher to be processed.

"People want to know it's grass-fed, and they want know the person who raises the meat. I'm the one who does it," he says.

They're open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays, and spend the other days fulfilling online sales, which they also do.

What makes their store charming are the other trinkets and items they sell.

"We have some other authentic provisions, things my wife and I like," Bart says. "I love tooled leather. And we've got things Martye likes, some baby clothes, and things we use at the ranch. I love Texas books. The store is small. In the back part, it feel like you're in our kitchen. We have a table, not a cash register. We want you to feel like you're at our ranch."