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Plano restaurant B. Frank & Relish changes its rather odd name

Plano restaurant B. Frank & Relish changes its rather odd name

Fork & Fire
Whatever they call it, the food's the same. Photo courtesy of Fork & Fire

A restaurant in Plano with a challenging name is hereby changing that name: The restaurant formerly known as B. Frank & Relish is now Fork & Fire, Scratch Kitchen and Craft Bar.

B. Frank & Relish did always seem a little misleading. With the "frank" and the "relish," it sounded like a hot dog joint. But Fork & Fire, Scratch Kitchen and Craft Bar. Many words. Although, in regular conversation, it is perfectly OK to refer to it as "Fork & Fire." Is that better? Hard to say.

The rationale behind the name change is that, with the restaurant's wood-fired grill as the focal point, the new name better reflects what it offers.

Fork & Fire will remain in its same location on The Boardwalk at Granite Park, and keep the same management and staff. It's just the name.

"We loved the spirit of B. Frank & Relish, but Fork & Fire better reflects our use of the wood-fired grill and draws people in," says creator Jason Graman in a release. "Now more people stop and read our diverse menu and come in to enjoy the enhanced flavors of food made from scratch cooked on our wood burning grill."

Graman claims they've already seen a significant impact with a 30 percent increase of patrons since the name change. I mean, you can't argue with success.

Graman has been in the restaurant business for more than 25 years, doing everything from waiter to chef to GM to co-owner, at national chain restaurants and local family eateries in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Fork & Fire draws on his experience and West Coast culinary roots, which includes an appreciation for balancing flavors and textures he learned from sushi chef friends.

Fork & Fire will continue to offer the same menu of classic and global-inspired dishes with twists on comfort food, along with additions and revolving menu items.

Menu favorites include: smokey Southern Fried Chicken, lightly breaded with a smoky chipotle pickle and ancho sauce; seared salmon with smoked salt and lemon cooked on the wood-fired grill at 650 degrees; and seared hanger steak seared on a cast-iron skillet and grilled over mesquite wood at 650 degrees with a sauce made from sautéed mushrooms, beer, mustard, and thyme.

Drinks include cocktails with syrups made in-house, plus 20 wines on tap, beers on tap, and even saké on tap. These are all good things.

Granite Properties senior managing director Will Hendrickson says in a statement that they love the new name.

"It better represents the restaurant’s diverse menu centered around its wood-fired grill, and we're excited that the new name is already attracting more people to enjoy the restaurant," he says.