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There really is a truck inside the new Green Truck Cafe in Lewisville

There really is a truck inside the new Green Truck Cafe in Lewisville

Green Truck Cafe
There is also avocado toast, and great cappuccino. Green Truck Cafe

A new cafe is bringing the town of Lewisville a taste of good, fresh food with a hip mien. Called Green Truck Cafe, it's at 1108 W. Main St.,  across from Lewisville High School, in the middle of town.

Owner is Trent Nabors, whose prior exploits have centered on inner city Dallas, including Bo-Leo's Taco Shack near Fair Park. Nabors' attention has shifted north, and this new concept has been a hit. It took over a space that was previously an Army-Navy center next to the Dollar Store, which they transformed into a restaurant, no small feat.

"I originally came on as a consultant and ended up buying the place," Nabors says. "The city of Lewisville is craving cool things, there's a big untapped market here, and the locals have really supported this place. We get some people who eat here 3-4 times a week."

Green Truck Cafe is somewhere between a diner and a coffee shop, with aspirational food and coffee. They're open for breakfast and lunch, 8 am-4 pm, Tuesday-Sunday, and also are doing weekend brunch.

"We're not a coffee shop but we have a high-end coffee and espresso program - we're more like a hip cafe," he says. "We're doing things like smoked salmon on bagel, and we don't have much competition for dishes like that."

Breakfast includes French toast, chicken & waffles, and a granola bowl. There are lots of interesting egg dishes such as their distinctive Luka Shakshuka: eggs poached in tomato and red pepper sauce with grilled bread and a side of hummus.

They serve their hummus, which they amusingly call "hipster hummus," with veggies and bread. They also have flatbreads, a burger, and other sandwiches such as grilled chicken, turkey & artichoke, a Cubano on a pressed hoagie bun, and a rotating sandwich of the month.

A "croissant brekkie" is filled with eggs, turkey bacon, cheddar, and hollandaise. There's a "good morning flatbread" with chorizo and eggs, and a veggie stack sandwich with hummus, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, and olive oil on 9-grain bread.

Aside from the $12 burger, everything on the menu is under $10.

"We're making our own chicken-apple sausage, and we pickle things and sell them in jars," Nabors says. "Our chef, Daniel Morones, is a bad-ass. He's worked at some high-end places like Whiskey Cake, this is his first chance to be in charge and shine."

With their proximity to a high school, they can't serve alcohol, but they're giving out free mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays.

As for the name, there really is a green truck: a gorgeous vintage 1947 Ford pickup, painted a beautiful sage green, that sits inside the dining room. "We got it in Oklahoma," Nabors says. "We gutted it and build a bed with plywood and a bench inside. It's become a popular place for people to come and take photos."