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New restaurant dedicated to noodle soup joins foodie East Dallas corner

Restaurant dedicated to noodle soup joins foodie East Dallas corner

Khao Noodle Shop
Small bowls that you stack up when you're done. Photo courtesy of Khao

A restaurant specializing in Laotian food will open at a foodie intersection in East Dallas.

Called Khao Noodle Shop, it'll open at 4812 Bryan St., kitty-corner from Jimmy's Food Store in late September, according to a release.

Serving boat noodles and Laotian bites, Khao is from chef Donny Sirisavath, who previously hosted pop-ups before finding a home for this rice noodle shop.

The recipes are inspired by his childhood memories of his mother's home-cooking and his travels throughout Southeast Asia.

A limited menu — about 15 items — will include boat noodles, khao soi (Laotian-style), khao poon (spicy vermicelli soup), and sakoo (tapioca dumplings).

You order one or four smalls of different noodles and soups to share or eat alone. When you're done, you stack the bowls up.

They'll source their ingredients from local community gardens in the neighborhood and farmer's markets.

Sirisavath chose East Dallas because his wife's family and Southeast Asian refugees call it home.

"From a very young age, I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen at home and at our family restaurant," he says. "Everything was made from scratch and with love. I want to model that at Khao Noodle Shop."

The word Khao has many meanings. "Khao" by itself means rice or food. "Khao gun" means come together. "Kin khao" means to come eat. "Khao kin" means food. "Khao wow" means that other publications got this press release before CultureMap did, but hey that's cool.

"The name represents everything I hope the shop to become — a home for friends and family to come together to enjoy great Laotian food. #MaKinKhao (come eat)," Sirisavath says.