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New coffee cafe with Korean street toasts relocates from L.A. to Dallas

New coffee cafe with Korean street toast relocates from L.A. to Dallas

Iota Brew Cafe
Korean street toasts, coming to town. Photo courtesy of Iota

A coffee shop that also serves Korean street food is coming to Dallas from Los Angeles. Called the Iota Brew Cafe, it has actually uprooted itself from its former location in the heart of Los Angeles' Koreatown district and is moving to Dallas' culinary melting pot of Carrollton.

The shop will open at 1060 W. Frankford Rd., Ste. 200, in a small center called Frankford Plaza, at the intersection of Old Denton Road.

In Los Angeles, Iota was hailed for its innovative food and drink, including its signature green tea mille crêpes, an irresistible confection made from stacking 30 layers of paper-thin crepes into a "cake," similar to the mille crêpes by Lady M Cake Boutique in New York, which staged a pop-up in Hurst in May.

Other desserts include soft-serve ice cream topped with crunchy Fruit Loops cereal; thick ice cream sandwiches made with macarons; and milk shaved ice, a creamier version of shaved ice, loaded with toppings.

Its popular "honey brick toast" has planks of French toast that form a kind of fortress, drizzled with honey and armored with strawberries, raspberries, and whipped cream.

Savory dishes include their trademark fusion dish kimchi carbonara, and "pinsa," like pizza but with a thin crust made from ancient grains such as millet, barley, and oats.

There's an entire line of "Korean street toasts," hefty sandwiches on buttery toasted bread with a variety of fillings. One is an egg breakfast sandwich, with the toasted bread enclosing an omelet filled with cabbage and carrots, then sprinkled with raw cabbage and carrots to add a little crunch, and a pinch of sugar, creating a flavor interaction that's unexpected and slightly addictive.

Their menu of coffee drinks is extensive, including a rare (and trendy) coffee from Ethiopia called Gesha, and a line of unusual lattes, including green tea latte and cookie butter latte, topped with a marshmallow.

Spokesman Brian Chong says that the cafe will open at the end of September.

"I wanted to bring new trends to the Dallas area and make customers enjoy Los Angeles Asian fusion food and beyond," he says.