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Austin's Houndstooth Coffee hooks up with TreeHouse for new location in Dallas

Houndstooth Coffee hooks up with TreeHouse for new location in Dallas

Houndstooth Coffee, Dallas
Dallas gets more great java with the opening of a third branch of Houndstooth Coffee. Photo courtesy of Houndstooth Coffee

A third branch of Austin's Houndstooth Coffee is opening in the coolest location in Dallas: adjacent to TreeHouse, the sustainable home improvement store which is also another Austin import. The coffee shop will be located at The Hill Shopping Center, at 9730 N. Central Expy. and will open in the fall.

TreeHouse is the sustainable home improvement store that opened in June in the newly-rebranded center at the northeast corner of US-75 and Walnut Hill Lane, called The Hill Shopping Center.

Founder Sean Henry says that they're excited to be part of the new center, and look forward to serving folks from around the neighborhood, but also customers and commuters from Collin County.

"This cafe, located right on US-75, will certainly be more accessible for our friends and fans in the Richardson and Plano communities," he says in a release.

The new cafe will be situated in two Lake Flato-designed tiny porch houses along the US-75 frontage road. It will offer plenty of seating and a large parking area right on the TreeHouse lot.

The cafe will also be the first in Texas to be equipped with a Mavam Espresso machine, an under-counter espresso machine that features a low-profile interface, offering guests greater visibility into the drink preparation process and a better platform for barista-to-guest interaction.

Ostensibly, that sounds good, unless your barista has, like, facial hair that drives you nuts or other peccadillos you'd rather not deal with. For some, those massive espresso makers are a comforting barrier. And if they have a mirrored finish, one can check one's appearance before jetting into the office.

This under-counter machine is also challenging for coffee consumers who are, shall we say, a tad bit controlling and like to monitor every step in how their espresso drinks are made. Hello Amber, can you please do a free pour rather than spooning the foam over, thanks so much.

The cafe will be powered by solar energy, and employ renewable and sustainable building materials and practices. This is keeping in line with TreeHouse's emphasis on sustainable living and reputation of being the world’s first energy positive big-box store.

TreeHouse CEO Jason Ballard says in a release that when it comes to their Dallas flagship location, they seek to work with like-minded operators and are excited to be partnering with another Austin-based business that has found success in Dallas. "Having Houndstooth Coffee as a neighbor enhances the TreeHouse customer experience and we look forward to the upcoming opening," he says.

Houndstooth Coffee's locations in Dallas include the original which opened at 1900 Henderson Ave. in 2014; and a second at Sylvan | Thirty, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary this summer, and which also has an adjacent bar called Jettison.

Houndstooth opened its first cafe in Austin in 2010. In addition to this new Dallas location coming to The Hill, Houndstooth Coffee will open a third Austin cafe this fall, located at Platform, a new mixed-use development in East Austin.

TreeHouse, which specializes in products and services that promote healthy and sustainable spaces with an emphasis on high performance and design, debuted in Austin in 2011.