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Brothers bring Indian restaurant with royal flair to Flower Mound center

Brothers bring Indian restaurant with royal flair to Flower Mound area

Tarka chicken tikka masala
If you're an Indian restaurant in DFW, chicken tikka masala is a must. Courtesy photo

A new Indian restaurant is coming to the Flower Mound area with a goal to bring a new level of freshness and quality. Called Delhi 6 Indian Kitchen, it'll open at The Shops at Highland Village, located at 1701 Shoal Creek in Highland Village.

Austin Speni, a spokesperson for JLL who helped bring Delhi 6 to the table, says in a statement that they're excited to welcome a new cuisine to the center. Delhi 6 is the fourth recent addition to The Shops at Highland Village, joining Tiff's Treats, Lambeau's America Kitchen, and Brass Tap.

"Delhi 6 Indian Kitchen adds to our growing, eclectic roster of restaurant and entertainment options for visitors and nearby residents to enjoy, providing a unique shopping and dining experience you can only find at The Shops at Highland Village," Speni says.

Owners are brothers Vipul "VJ" Jain and his brother Abishek "AJ" Jain, who previously were co-owners of an Indian restaurant at Arlington Highlands called India Grill.

This is their first independent venture, and they live in the area. VJ says that their goal is to bring the kind of restaurant where they would like to eat, in their own neighborhood.

They'll do some of the basics expected from every Indian restaurant in Dallas-Fort Worth, including a buffet at lunch and dishes that Americans are most familiar with, such as chicken tikka masala.

They'll have plenty of vegetarian-friendly items but also curries and meats that aren't as common in Flower Mound, such as goat, lamb, beef, chicken, shrimp, and fish.

"A lot of people presume that Indian food is spicy, but it doesn't have to be spicy," VJ says. "It should be flavorful because of the spices, but it's not going to burn. We don't eat 'spicy' food. We'll stress freshness and good quality. We don't cut corners."

The name "Delhi 6" is a common choice for restaurant names because of what it stands for.

"We are from Delhi, where locals know that Delhi 6 is an area also known as 'Old Delhi,' that's a zip code," he says. "It's known for traditional food back in the days when kings were still in charge, and their food used to be cooked or prepared in that area. There are some of those very old restaurants still operating today."