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Dallas bar owners partner up to create new dive bar in the Cedars District

Dallas bar owners partner up to create new dive bar in the Cedars

Mike's Gemini Twin
Mike's will be a dive bar. Photo courtesy of Mike's

Two young Dallas bar owners have joined forces to open a bar together.

The new bar is called Mike's Gemini Twin and it's a collaboration between Sam Wynne, co-owner of Braindead Brewing, and Pasha Heidari, owner of Bowen House.

Mike's is going into a space at 1902 S. Harwood St. that previously was home to a bar called El Granero, which has moved.

"I'm renovating a dive bar with my friend Pasha Heidari called Mike's Gemini Twin," Wynne says in a post on Facebook that renders food writers to be mildly pointless but hey, no hard feelings, can't say I disagree. "We just got the keys, and our SUP, so we're off to the races."

Wynne has also posted a YouTube video showing the interior of the space, with guys walking around with tape measures and such.

Wynne says on the video that his fiancee Melissa is renovating spaces above the bar; meanwhile, his father Shannon Wynne has his 8.0 Management office one block away. They're into the Cedars.

The place has been in the works since May. According to Heidari, he and Sam have been friends and decided to join forces when the location opened.

"There was a space available on the other side of the Dallas Farmers Market and we both love the Cedars neighborhood, Sam lives over there," Heidari says. "We were offered the opportunity to take the space because we knew the landlord."

"It's a cool space, it's a shotgun bar," Heidari says.

Wynne says that he and Heidari are aiming for a "funny little place where we can do our own thing."

"Pasha and I are similar in a lot of ways but also different, and we liked the idea of having a place with influences from each of us," Wynne says. "It's definitely going to be a dive bar. We're not going to be hanging a chandelier like at Bowen House. Nor are we going to have a sprawling, open floor plan like at Braindead. It will be different but still reflect who we are."

Neither Heidari nor Wynne are Geminis. But the bar's name has some Dallas history: It's an homage to an old drive-in theater on Northwest Highway called the Gemini Twin.

They're obviously still in the very early stages, with an opening forecast for winter 2018.

"There are still a lot of things we haven't even decided yet," Heidari says. "But we know we want it to be a fun place to hang out, just a little neighborhood bar."