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Soufflé restaurant rises up out of Dallas and into haute Houston spot

Soufflé restaurant rises up out of Dallas and into haute Houston spot

Violet souffle at Rise No. 1 restaurant in Dallas
Rise is known for its sweet and savory souffles. Photo courtesy of Rise No 1

Dallas Park Cities favorite Rise nº1 has selected a splashy Houston development for the start of its statewide expansion. BLVD Place, near San Felipe Street and Post Oak Boulevard, will add the soufflé-centric restaurant to an already buzzy lineup that includes North Italia, True Food Kitchen, and Peska Seafood Culture.

Appropriately, the second for owner Hedda Dowd will be named Rise nº2.

“We have so many clients that are in Houston that come already,” Dowd says. “I think we always felt that when we branched out that was going to be our next spot. We feel so fortunate to have secured that location.”

While the restaurant’s fans have been calling Dowd for status updates, she doesn’t know exactly when the Houston location will open. “We are very anxious to get going. I’m not trying to be coy,” she says.

Like many restaurants, Rise nº2 is held up by the slow pace of city permits. She hopes it will be open by the end of the year.

Dowd describes Rise’s soufflés as an “egg in celebratory form.” Over the restaurant’s eight-year history, it’s built a devoted following for both its savory and sweet varieties, as well as signature items like marshmallow soup. Dowd explains that a major part of Rise’s appeal is that its dishes are light and healthy.

“We’ve had them analyzed by the Cooper Clinic. They’re very good nutritionally. Based on that, we’ve built a very nutritious lifestyle for a lot of folks,” she says. As for the design, “it’s a five-sensory experience. When you walk into Rise, you’ll be transported. It’s a place to feed your soul.”

Until the City of Houston gets caught up, all Dowd can do is wait, but she does have a message for Houstonians.

“We’re coming soon. I promise.”