They Know Us So Well

TGI Fridays introduces alcohol delivery and Dallas will be first to try

TGI Fridays introduces alcohol delivery and Dallas will be first

Get your alcohol delivered along with your TGI Fridays order. Photo courtesy of TGIF

Known 'round the world for its loaded potato skins, Dallas-based TGI Fridays is about to become even more famous as the first national restaurant brand to offer alcohol delivery. Yay for booze delivered to your door.

The food/alcohol ordering will be done entirely through the Fridays-branded experience on their app or website. They'll launch it on a test basis in November, just in time for the holiday season. The good news for local tipplers: The test markets are Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. If the test goes well, they'll follow with a national rollout in 2018.

In other words, for the good of the country, it's up to us to order booze from Fridays like it's going out of style. Do it for America.

The capability for this kind of delivery is made possible via a partnership with Dallas startup Lash. Using the Fridays app, customers will be able to order alcohol from local liquor stores, to be delivered by Lash with their online food order. "I'll have the potato skins, and also a six-pack of beer."

How it works: A customer selects their menu items and then has the option to add beer/liquor to their order. A third-party driver then makes a stop at a partner liquor store to pick up the drinks, and then heads to Fridays for the food order to deliver it all as one cohesive package to the customer's home. Before handing off the delivery, drivers will check IDs.

For cocktails, Fridays will sell an "everything but the booze" kit, along with the recommended bottle of liquor; customers can mix the drink themselves.

They're still figuring out what the charge for delivery will be, whether it's a flat delivery fee or based on factors such as order price or distance.

Once they go national, they'll have to customize the service state-by-state in order to follow local ordinances.

They've created a video that shows how it works, found here on YouTube.

Online ordering is already a bright spot for Fridays. Since they launched the service last summer, their take-out sales have grown by 30 percent. More than half of their delivery orders 60 percent come from younger folk: diners who are 40 or younger. And 48 percent of people who joined the Rewards program in 2017 are millennials between the ages of 21-32. Millennials taste so good.