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New Dallas Arts District eatery wins for most convenient pre-show fare

New Dallas Arts District eatery wins for most convenient pre-show fare

Butternut squash risotto
Butternut squash risotto is on the menu for September. Photo courtesy of McCormick

A new dining option has emerged in Dallas' Arts District to answer the question, Where should we eat before we see a show at AT&T Performing Arts Center?

And it definitely wins the prize for most convenient.

Called Skyline Terrace, it's a buffet from Wolfgang Puck Catering that's open for select performances, and it's located in the Winspear Opera House on the Skyline Terrace. Attendees can enjoy a meal, then walk just a few steps to their seat inside the theater.

According to Wolfgang Puck Catering general manager Vanessa Harrington-Brooks, the menu coordinates with the evening's show.

"It changes with the show or the month depending on what we have in house," Harrington-Brooks says. "For opera and Broadway, we will be running a themed menu for each performance."

When the facility is hosting a variety of shows, they go seasonal, she says.

"For months like September, which has a lot of 'one-off' performances, we opt to create a seasonal menu for the entire month," she says.

The menus are also very vegetarian-friendly.

"All of the sides will always be vegetarian and gluten free, except for the pasta of course," Huntington-Brooks says. "We also try to do a vegan item whenever possible."

For September, the menu has kale and citrus farro with sherry-glazed sweet potatoes, apples, cherries, and spiced walnuts; pork loin with fig and pear chutney; pan-seared chicken with apricot and cipollini pan sauce; mustard-stewed heirloom squash; butternut squash polenta; rigatoni pasta with root vegetable bolognese and pepitas; assorted breads and sweet cream butter; and pumpkin pie with spiced crème fraiche.

The buffet opens one-and-a-half hours prior to start of show, and closes once the show begins, and is open to show attendees only.

The price is $25 and it includes:

  • Access to the buffet, plus one dessert and one non-alcoholic beverage
  • Discounted pricing on alcoholic beverages at Skyline Terrace bar
  • Access to intermission drink pre-orders at the same discounted rates

To ensure your reservation, you need to pre-purchase online, although walk-up purchases may be available, depending on reservation quantities.