Hot Dogs Out

Gourmet hot dog restaurant in Lakewood goes down for the count

Gourmet hot dog restaurant in Lakewood goes down for the count

Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs
Say it isn't so: Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs in Lakewood will close on October 8. Photo courtesy of Jerry's Wood-Fired Grill

The hot dog landscape across Dallas is about to suffer a loss, with the looming closure of Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs on Gaston Road. According to a manager, the restaurant will close on October 8.

He attributed the closure to rising costs, exacerbated by the retirement of the chain's founder.

Jerry's opened its Dallas location in the former Lakewood Bar and Grill spot in 2012. It was a franchised location of a casual chain from California, specializing in hot dogs, sausages, burgers, wine, and beer.

The hot dogs were grilled over an open flame of mesquite, which added a smoky flavor. There were also a bounty of toppings — more than 30 — such as grilled onions, bell peppers, peppadew peppers, and grilled jalapeños. A typical gourmet special consisted of a hot dog topped with sauerkraut, blossom horseradish, and chopped parsley on a pretzel bun.

They offered a veggie dog and sides such as tater tots, fries, and sweet potato fries that earned high marks, as did the surprisingly broad selection of beer and wine.

The Dallas branch had a following of devout fans who really liked the food; but the following was perhaps not large enough, as seats could be found at almost any time of day.

The viability of the chain suffered a blow when founder Jerry O'Connell decided to retire earlier this year. A native of Ohio, O'Connell founded the chain in 2003 and at one point had numerous branches; there will now be just two.

Dedicated hot dog restaurants haven't had an easy time of it in Dallas, with recent closures including Samson's Hot Dogs on Oak Lawn and Hofmann Hots near Trinity Groves. Heroic Luscher's Red Hots and Angry Dog, both in Deep Ellum, are staying the course.