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Ex-chef at Dallas' French Room opens enchilada joint up by Richardson

Ex-chef at Dallas' French Room opens enchilada joint up by Richardson

Lada enchilada
Lada is a restaurant specializing in enchiladas and other Tex-Mex dishes. Photo courtesy of Lada

A new restaurant is coming to Dallas that's centered on enchiladas. Called Lada Restaurant, it's a fast-casual eatery near Richardson from chef Michael Ehlert, who was previously at The French Room and Mirador.

According to a release, it'll open at 6859 Arapaho Rd., #601, at Hillcrest Road, in mid-November.

Ehlert says in a statement that he's into enchiladas, which is a good thing since he's about to be making a lot of them, or so he surely hopes.

"The opportunity to create a new restaurant concept and build Lada's menu around a traditional Tex-Mex dish is one that I'm excited to be a part of," Ehlert says.

His enchiladas will feature distinctive and inspired ingredient combinations which it took him more than two years of experimentation to devise.

Tortillas will be made in-house from heirloom blue corn grown and milled in Texas. There will also be traditional Tex-Mex comfort food, local beers, wine, Micheladas, and "aquas frescas."

The menu has six enchilada options:

  • beer-braised chicken which has a cutesy name: "Tipsy Chicken"
  • mahi with queso fresco and mild chipotle sauce - don't want it too spicy
  • steak with cheddar cheese and cider glaze
  • a cheese enchilada with ricotta, cheddar, tomato, and avocado
  • carnitas with butternut squash, Oaxaca cheese, and mustard greens
  • shiitake mushroom with Swiss chard, Oaxaca cheese, arugula, and tomatillo sauce

There are three tacos, all $5:

  • cod with cabbage
  • shrimp with jalapeno honey
  • caulifower with almond cilantro pesto and raisin salsa

The cod taco also has a cutesy name: "Hook, Line, & Tempura." Bet you an exorbitant fee that Ehlert hired a "menu consultant." If he did, he didn't get his money's worth, because the name of the restaurant is screaming for an apostrophe: 'Lada. That'll be $250.

Lada also has tortilla soup, and three entree-style salads, $11 each: kale-quinoa salad, black rice salad, and arugula-carrot salad. For the quality of the ingredients, the prices are pretty good.

The restaurant has a 2,500-square-foot interior space and a 1,000-square-foot patio, and was designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture and FÖDA — you can tell they're artistic because of the umlaut.

That team has created what the release calls an authentic brand experience that includes a hand-woven tapestry menu board and an earthy, home-like look and feel.

This is not the first restaurant dedicated to enchiladas to open in Dallas: Back in 2011, veteran restaurateur Monica Greene opened a place in Oak Cliff called BEE: Best Enchiladas Ever, which now that you mention it, also had a cutesy name. It lasted a year.