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Favorite Dallas pizzeria from Marco's and My Family's Pizza fame is back

Favorite Dallas pizza from Marco's and My Family's Pizza fame is back

They were a good pizza in Dallas at a time when there wasn't much good pizza around. Courtesy My Family's Pizza

A pizzeria beloved to old-school Dallasites is making a return under a new name. Called Pizza Gianna, it's from the family that brought us Marco's Pizza and My Family's Pizza, and will open at 5219 W Lovers Ln.

Co-owner Frank Nuccio confirms that the restaurant will open on October 20.

Pizza Gianna has a legacy that dates back to 1956, when Pizza by Marco was founded at the corner of Preston Road and Royal Lane by Marco Nuccio. It quickly became a neighborhood favorite, supplying top-quality thin crust pizza and pasta, during a time when Dallas didn't have a lot of great pizza.

In 1993, the shopping center owner decided to redevelop the center and the pizzeria relocated to the corner of the center, next to Fish City Grill. That same year, the name "Pizza by Marco" was legally challenged by an Ohio Holding Company for the "Marco's Pizza" name, and Nuccio changed Pizza by Marco to My Family's Pizza.

Alas, the restaurant was part of the wreckage wrought by the 2019 tornado which destroyed the pizzeria and the entire shopping center.

Marco's son, Frank Nuccio, decided to rebuild, and has partnered with John Kinzer, an experienced Dallas restaurateur, to manage the restaurant’s operations.

A long-time patron and fan, Kinzer wanted to bring back "the best pizza in Dallas" and is joined in the venture by James Shull and chef Ray Skradzinski, who will be utilizing their multi-faceted restaurant experience to oversee the business operations.

They plan to open two Pizza Gianna locations in the next year, with this first location on Lovers and Inwood Road and a second in Preston Hollow, plus plans for more in the works.

The pizza will feature the legendary sauce for which My Family's is known, but with a transformation to the pizzeria that gives it not only a new look and feel, but also modern technology to improve the customer experience:

  • Ordering: Nostalgia is one thing but they want to improve the old routine of calling and getting a busy signal, and will now allow orders to be placed online.
  • Payment Options: Orders can be paid online or via phone.

One new facet they'll add is delivery, which they never did previously, both via Pizza Gianna drivers as well as Door Dash.

They'll also be selling ice cream by Howdy Homemade Ice Cream, by the pint in several flavors.

Hours will be 3-10 pm.