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New ghost kitchen debuts in Plano delivering pancakes 'with benefits'

New ghost kitchen debuts in Plano delivering pancakes 'with benefits'

Pancakes with benefits
Get pancakes delivered to your door. Photo courtesty of PWB

Since the coronavirus descended upon us, one of the more cheery trends in the Dallas restaurant world has been ghost kitchens, which is a restaurant concept without a brick-and-mortar location but with a menu you can get delivered or pick up. (These could also be called to-go operations, but that's not nearly as fun as "ghost kitchen.")

One of the most fun ghost kitchen concepts to emerge has to be Pancakes With Benefits, whose culinary specialty is pancakes.

Basically, these are designer pancakes aka craft pancakes that you can have delivered, with syrups, fruit, and other toppings. Those are the "benefits."

Menu options include 15 varieties of pancakes with some seasonal flavors that rotate in and out. They all sound nicely conceived like the hot cocoa pancake topped with bruleed marshmallows.

Other options include:

  • Nature's pancake, a wheat pancake topped with granola
  • PB&J pancake, drizzled with peanut butter jelly
  • Gingerbread pancake, topped with apple
  • lemon ricotta pancake, topped with blueberries
  • vegan pancake, made with oatmilk and vanilla
  • pumpkin pancake, topped with whipped cream
  • eggnog pancake with whipped cream and nutmeg
  • cinnamon roll pancake, "simply the greatest thing to happen to a pancake since the invention of syrup"

Prices run from $14 to $15. There's also bacon, sausage, OJ, and coffee.

The concept will debut on November 4 and will deliver to certain zip codes in Plano, Allen, and Frisco, with expansion to Dallas in the works. You can order through Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Favor, as well as contacting them via their website.

The concept is a partnership by colorful entrepreneur Adam Zoblotsky and Sonja Ryder, who became owner of the revered Poor Richard's Cafe in Plano in 2017. The duo originally operated the takeout concept as an offshoot of the restaurant following COVID-19, and decided to spin it off into its own creation.

"I've been doing the branding for Poor Richard's and Sonja and I hit it off," Zoblotsky says. "Pancakes are such a comforting thing, it seems like everyone is in the mood for comfort food these days."