Pub Down

Sherlock's Baker St. Pub shutters location, leaving only one in DFW

Sherlock's Baker St. Pub shutters location, leaving only one in DFW

One less pub in town. Photo courtesy of Sherlock's

The local pub scene is taking a loss, with a sudden closure of an institution in Arlington. The Sherlock's Baker St. Pub, located at Lincoln Square, closed abruptly on November 11.

The suddenness of the closure was reinforced by the fact that the bar's Facebook page was still posting updates encouraging patrons to visit the night before, on November 10.

A former employee said that it closed for a variety of reasons, including a lull in business and issues with parking at the Lincoln Square center where Sherlock's had resided for a decade.

"The complex was towing people all the time; I think they just got sick of it," the employee says.

For local Sherlock's fans, that leaves only the location in Addison; there are two other locations, in Austin and Houston.

Sherlock's is part of Houston-based Hospitality USA, which has other concepts still open in Dallas-Fort Worth, including a Baker St. Pub and Grill on Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth, and the more millennial-friendly British Beverage Co., which opened at the Quadrangle in Uptown in 2015.

Sherlock's was modeled after Sherlock Holmes' study with cozy nooks, overstuffed leather chairs, and rows of tables. The chain has been shrinking. A branch on US-75 in Dallas closed in 2016, as did a location in San Antonio.