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Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters grind up JFK conspiracies with special limited-edition bean

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters grind up JFK conspiracies with special bean

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Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters is roasting 200 tins of this Conspiracy Theory Series on both November 22 and December 18.

We're in the throes of JFK Assassination week, with everyone doing their part to commemorate John F. Kennedy, and that includes coffee roasters. Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters is releasing a limited-edition set of beans called the Conspiracy Theory Series, that's themed after the still-lingering questions surrounding the assassination.

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters founder Shannon Neffendorf was inspired to do a special release because of the role that Oak Cliff played in the tragedy, and because of his own personal interest.

"I love Oak Cliff history and Dallas history in general," he says. "Oak Cliff has burdensome ties to the event, being the brief home and then escape route for Lee Harvey Oswald."

He's named some of his prior blends after historical figures such as his Victor Prosper's Dark Roast, named for the founder of the La Reunion artistic community in Oak Cliff.

"I'm a local history geek," he says. "But I'm also more aware since we started working with the Sixth Floor Museum Café this year. I started to feel tied to the event, and thought we'd do something, but more in a fun way, while still acknowledging its solemnness."

The two coffees included in this set are:

  • Magic Bullet Theory. A single-origin coffee from a San Marcos honey-processed micro-lot from the CoopeDota Cooperative in Costa Rica.
  • Multiple Shooters Theory. A blend of two beans, one "wet-processed" and the other "dry-processed," from the Yirgacheffe Township in Ethiopia.

They'll roast only 200 tins, and on only two dates: Friday November 22 and Wednesday December 18. Orders must be placed the day before roasting. An order consists of two 12-ounce bags of coffee for $50, and can be placed on the website.