Hot Cheetos

New poke restaurant locks in Dallas hipness with kooky Cheetos roll

New poke restaurant locks in Dallas hipness with kooky Cheetos roll

Low-Key Poke Joint
Would you like Cheetos with that? Photo courtesy of Low-Key

Dallas-Fort Worth earns a new foodie badge with the arrival of The Low-Key Poke Joint, a new sushi restaurant debuting at the Village on the Parkway in Addison.

Low-Key is a chain from California's San Bernardino County that does trendy poke. But what separates it from all the other poke places that have opened around DFW in the past year is its wacky signature dish, called the "Hot Cheeto Sushiritto." It consists of green tea-infused bamboo rice, salmon, tuna, crab meat, and vegetables rolled into nori seaweed and dusted with crumbled Hot Cheetos.

Turkey is so beat. Cheetos are where it's at.

The Low Key Poke Joint was founded in 2015 with a mission to deliver healthy and delicious Japanese-Hawaiian cuisine. They emphasize customizability by allowing customers to create their own meal.

You pick your base, be it a wrap or a bowl. Wraps include seaweed, sesame soy wrap, or pink soy wrap. To that you can add Cheetos, hot Cheetos, or wasabi peas. Bowls include your choice of jasmine rice, bootea rice (bamboo rice infused with green tea), spring mix, or kale mix. Then comes your protein, from a choice that includes salmon, tuna, spicy salmon, spicy tuna, shrimp, tofu, scallops, plus weekly specials.

Sides include onion, green onion, cabbage, carrot, crab, masago, cucumber, and avocado.

Next, toppings: fried garlic, seaweed, fried onion, black sesame seed, hot Cheetos, Parmeasan cheese, or quail egg.

If poke does not appeal, there is also uni pasta, uni fries, truffle fries, sushi corndog, sushi burger, fried salmon belly, or baked salmon collar.

Low-Key is opening at 5100 Belt Line Rd., #868, on November 22. Cheetos are on today.