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Breakfast chain flies to the rescue to fill Dallas' dearth of biscuits

Breakfast chain flies to the rescue to fill Dallas' dearth of biscuits

Flying Biscuit Cafe
No longer shall Dallas be bereft of biscuits. Photo courtesy of Sara Hanna Photography

The biscuits are on in Richardson, with the welcome arrival of The Flying Biscuit Café, the first location in the Dallas area of this adored chain. The restaurant resides at 746 S. Central Expy., in the same center near Floyd Road as Dog Haus, Wokk Asian Cookhouse, and Halal Guys, and has been open since late November.

Days, even weeks, have elapsed and Flying Biscuit's biscuits have not been sampled. It's a travesty and a tragedy.

Flying Biscuit debuted in 1993, and is known for having an expansive menu featuring Southern comfort food and breakfast which it serves all day — all day being until 3 pm on weekdays and 4 pm on weekends.

Famous for its biscuits and grits, the chain has 14 locations in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida — and now Texas. Flying Biscuit comes to Dallas via local residents Armando Moreno and operating partner Michael Esquibel, a restaurant veteran. They are plotting at least three locations in the area, including one they hope to open in Dallas in summer 2018, a spokesperson says.

The menu includes oatmeal pancakes, shrimp and grits, pimento cheese sandwich, and chicken salad. There are biscuits with eggs and gravy, penne pasta with chicken sausage, wrap sandwiches, and even a vegan barbecue burrito.

A breakfast bowl has eggs and fried green tomatoes. There are omelets, a tofu scramble, and a Benedict made on a biscuit.

There are also brunch, lunch, and dinner options, including salads, biscuit pot pie, turkey pot roast, meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes, and oven-fried chicken.

There was a time, back when Mecca was still open and Barbec's was still good and Dixie House hadn't closed, when many worthy biscuits could be found around Dallas. But those days are long gone. Our biscuit situation has been lacking. Bring on the biscuits.