Korean in Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff gets Asian fix with new Korean bibimbap restaurant

Oak Cliff gets Asian fix with new Korean bibimbap restaurant

BBBop Seoul Kitchen bbbop bb bop
BB Bop brings Korean comfort food to Oak Cliff. BBBop

Oak Cliff finally gets the Asian food it craves with the opening of BB Bop Seoul Kitchen R&D, a Korean fusion restaurant specializing in the dish called "bibimbap." It opens on December 14.

The restaurant is at 828 W. Davis St., a sweet spot that was formerly an auto repair shop, across from Dallas Bike Works. It's the third branch of this local enterprise from Steve Shin, Sandra Bussey, and chef Greg Bussey, but with a twist for Oak Cliff. Specific to this location is the "R&D" in the name, which gives a hint to its experimental approach.

There will be an expanded menu; a to-go window for fried chicken; a full bar with cocktails; and a rustic playful design that includes a patio, bocce ball court, and interior bar.

The R&D menu will change often, and will allow them try out items that they may implement at their other locations.

Sandra Bussey says they were eyeing the building for a long time. "We felt there was an opportunity for more ethnic food but also affordable dining in our neighborhood," she says in a release.

BB Bop, which they write as "Bbbop," is their slightly awkward derivation of the word bibimbap, the Korean dish which means, literally, "mixed up rice." The original opened in 2008 in Carrollton. That branch closed, but there are now branches on upper Greenville Avenue and Lower Greenville, which just opened in April.