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New startup at Frisco Fresh Market makes deliciously chewy doughnuts

New startup at Frisco Fresh Market makes deliciously chewy doughnuts

The doughnut is a little chewy, and the fillings are divine. Photo courtesy of B.doughnut

Doughnuts are always welcome, but these doughnuts from a new indie startup are next level. Called B.doughnut, it's a doughnut concept new to Texas that specializes in malasadas — a Portuguese doughnut with Hawaiian and Asian influences.

B.doughnut was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 2015 by Brian Chanthapanya, and has earned national attention, including a segment on cooking talk show The Chew.

The concept has been imported to Texas by Titi Phommachanh, a friend of Chanthapanya's who moved from the D.C. area to Dallas five years ago.

Titi spent a year training in the art of doughnut-making before launching in DFW in November. It's currently open Saturdays from 8 am-4 pm and Sundays 10 am-4 pm at the Frisco Fresh Market.

B.doughnut uses a "sobao" dough that's different from what's used in regular doughnuts.

"It's a long process with multiple proofing stages that makes it unique," he says. "It results in a doughnut that's subtly sweet, with a unique chew."

The standard malasada is a small ball of yeast dough, fried, then coated with sugar and cinnamon.

"It's a Portuguese-style doughnut that went to Hawaii for some kind of fusion," Titi says. "In Hawaii, they mostly just sugar-coat it, but our spin is to add fillings."

They have 13 filling flavors including vanilla, lemon curd, coffee cream, and ube, the subtly sweet flavor made from purple yam that's popular in Asian desserts. They also do plant-based flavors such as berry glaze topped with granola.

Their doughnuts range from $3-$4.

Subtle sweetness is a B.doughnut hallmark. They also go the extra step with a savory doughnut which uses the trendy "everything bagel" spice mix.

"Brian experimented and created 'everything bagel doughnuts,' and those have been a big hit," Titi says. "It's a unique twist on doughnuts for people who don't want something sweet."

The Everything Bagel doughnut is available in two varieties: whipped cream cheese with bacon filling, or whipped cream cheese with chives.

Titi's original plan was to open a storefront until COVID-19 put that on hold. But it's coming.

"Until then, we decided to rent a commercial kitchen and sell on weekends at the farmers market," he says. "It lets us start slowly and get the word out about our unique doughnuts."