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Famous Taco Cabana 'Tango' frogs on Dallas' Greenville Ave find new home

Famous Taco Cabana Tango frogs on Dallas' Greenville Ave find new home

Tango Frogs Bob Daddy-O Wade
They won't have to travel far. Courtesy photo

Dallas' most famous frogs, which have been perched atop a Taco Cabana on Greenville Avenue, have a new home, and it's just a few blocks away.

The so-called "Tango Frogs" will be relocated to the Truck Yard at 5624 Sears St., right off Greenville Avenue, where they will reside permanently.

According to a release, the frogs will be prominently positioned atop the popular beer garden’s roof facing Sears St., welcoming visitors to the venue.

The frogs are a collection of three 10-foot-tall frog sculptures by late Texas artist Bob "Daddy-O" Wade that sat on the roof of the Greenville Avenue Taco Cabana for six years.

Alas, the location closed in early 2020, which put the frogs in peril.

We offered five suggestions for where to relocate them, but apparently none of those ideas suited Taco Cabana, who is donating the frogs to the Truck Yard.

Truck Yard owner Jason Boso says in a statement that he "couldn’t be more hoppy." Hoppy, that's a clever riff off happy.

"Truck Yard has always desired and worked toward being an iconic Dallas location that our city can be proud of," Boso says. "We will position the Tango Frogs so they can be an Instagram-worthy staple in our city and to continue to show the appreciation of this 'unfrogettable' artwork." More clever riffs!

The former Taco Cabana location was originally a nightclub called Tango, and that's where the Tango Frogs first claimed their home in 1983. They returned to the rooftop in 2014 when recovered from a truck stop along Interstate 35 in Carl's Corner in Hillsboro, and reinstalled by Taco Cabana.

“The Tango Frogs have been a member of the TC family for years and are an iconic part of the Lowest Greenville neighborhood,” said Rich Stockinger, CEO and President of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. “It was so important for us to keep the frogs in the neighborhood and we couldn’t be happier to have found a new home for them at the Truck Yard. We thank Jason and the team behind the Lowest Greenville Collective for welcoming them into their family."