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Dallas bakery is offering this special colorful bread for very limited time

Dallas bakery is offering this special colorful bread for limited time

Signature Baking rainbow bread
So pretty on the eye, and with a buttery, buttery flavor. Photo courtesy of Signature

Special breads for certain holidays are a tradition, but this is a new one available to Dallas shoppers for the first, and very limited, time.

The bread is from Signature Baking Company, a Dallas bakery at 9000 Diplomacy Row that has been a supplier of bread, buns, and rolls for restaurants and entertainment venues since it was founded in 1978.

After COVID-19, Signature did what a number of food supply companies who used to be behind-the-scenes did: In March, they began offering to the public home delivery of their breads, such as white, wheat, sourdough, and rye. (They do home delivery on Thursdays, if you order at by 2 pm on Wednesday.)

Their selection includes not just breads but also a wide variety of rolls and buns — their jalapeño-cheese buns are a big favorite — plus cinnamon-swirl bread, with or without raisins, and a pumpkin cinnamon swirl bread, too.

But these two new limited-edition breads are something special. They include:

  • Fruit Cake Bread
  • Rainbow Bread

The Fruit Cake Bread is a fluffy brioche-style loaf studded discreetly with green and red cherries, dried pineapple, dried orange peel, and raisins — all of the dried fruit you might expect in a fruitcake, but instead suspended in a soft, delicate, slightly sweet bread.

If you love the flavors of fruitcake — and who in their right mind doesn't — but find the texture to be too dense, then this Fruit Cake Bread is right up your alley. It's $7.99.

The Rainbow Bread is a rich, buttery brioche loaf that's been tinted with the colors of the rainbow. The loaf is a good 6-1/2 inches tall, we are talking tall for a slice of bread, with stunning swirl of color. It's $9.99 a loaf but it's a huge loaf.

Both breads are shaped like sandwich loaves and come sliced, so you can use them for unusual sandwiches, toast, French toast, and all the uses you might find for a sandwich-size slice of bread.

Signature was founded by Oscar DeSouza, a third-generation baker; DeSouza's son, OJ, is president of the company and the person responsible for using modern techniques to usher the company into the future.

OJ says that the breads come from recipes that were made exclusively for their family holidays.

"I've enjoyed watching my Dad bake the Fruit Cake Bread every year for 30 years," he says. "The Rainbow Loaf was a new creation was inspired by our 3-year old niece, Bernadette, who loves bright colors. We just wanted to offer something fun."

There are only two opportunities to get the bread:

  1. Order by Tuesday, December 22 by 2 pm for delivery on Wednesday, December 23
  2. Order on Tuesday, December 29 by 2 pm for delivery on Wednesday, December 30

That's for the Fruit Cake Bread, which will only be available through December 30.

The Rainbow Sandwich Loaf will be available through the end of January. Delivery is $4.99 per order.