Mexican brunch

New Mexican restaurant puts brunch and flan on the menu in Garland

New Mexican restaurant puts brunch and flan on the menu in Garland

Flan cake
A killer flan cake is all you need. Photo courtesy of MayaPR378

A new Mexican restaurant with a familiar name is celebrating its soft opening in Garland. It's called Masaryk Mexican Kitchen, which has a similar name to a restaurant that was in Addison Circle and closed in 2009. Though the name is similar, this restaurant is not related.

The restaurant is at 3265 Broadway Blvd., and comes from husband-and-wife Arturo and Arleen Macias, who also own the indoor soccer place and a killer discount shop called MaxxSave next door.

"We've had the soccer place for six years," Arleen says. "It's in a big building with a lot of space, and we wanted to open a restaurant. This particular area of Garland, there is not a restaurant like this. We're doing some Tex-Mex but we have some authentic Mexican dishes, and the presentation is very nice."

The menu includes ceviche, queso fundido, and arrachera, marinated skirt steak. There are sour cream enchiladas, chicken-tortilla soup, and menudo on the weekends. There is also a flan cake with a citrus-y glaze that Arleen pronounces superb. There is a full bar on the way, and another feature that has become almost essential in the contemporary dining scene.

"We're doing brunch, in this area there are not a lot of places to have brunch," she says. "It's buffet style, and we're doing it on Saturdays and Sundays."

They chose the name as an homage to a street in Mexico City. "It's a very nice street with stores and shopping, the the best of the best," Arleen says.